Game Performance Feedback


Follow-up to my post in this thread since it would deter from that topic: [Click Here][1]

To continue that, our game appears to have issues loading only minimum information for given systems. By example, your movie files are huge in size and I don’t have a 4k capable system, so I shouldn’t be required to host and sift through large files for what only pertains to my system. Given the extent of your game and the only increasing amount of data the users will have to take on, there should be ways for your game to only download based on a user’s intended settings.

I don’t know if the above mentioned is possible, or would even help, but the fact remains that the game isn’t optimized in a fashion that allows continual expansion while maintaining consistent performance.

System Settings:

AMD FX 8320 8-core 3.5ghz
8GB 1800mhz Memory
120GB SSD - Only 2 games installed being SWTOR and Evolve
GeForce GTX 960 FTW

This is above the recommended requirements. I only use medium settings - recommended by GeForce experience for my card - It hasn’t changed since I installed the card. So I shouldn’t see performance drops with a content update like a new monster. Even if the content update gave prettier graphics, if I maintain the same settings then it shouldn’t change at all.

There is always talk about performance issues on certain systems, but its the declining performance on systems that normally have no issue that I’m worried about. The original thread OP has an underrated system to start, but some of the replies relating to my own experience got me interested to hear on this specifically.

Not trying to be a complainer, bust anyone’s balls, nor even say I have the right ideas. So I apologize if it comes across like that. I’ll admit that I’m probably not even close to the issue. It may be formula tweaks that go on client side that the system’s have a hard time processing. I don’t know. Its just theories and what I think about at different times so just kind of wanting some feedback from the people that work on the game itself, or anyone who has actual insight into the workings of something like this to see what their thoughts are on this issue.

Thank you in advance.