Game of Thrones (Show Only Discussion: S1-S5)


Topic in the title; whose excited?? I’m personally a little less stoked than I was for previous seasons, just because the trailer spent way too much time singing the praises of Dany (who is one of the lamest Mary Sue’s of all time). Can’t wait to see my bro Jaime back in action though :smile:


Hey, feel free to join the discussion we have going. Fresh ideas are welcome!


Ah see I’m very tempted but I’m also very spoiler adverse…is my life going to be ruined if I venture over there?


Have you read the books?


No sir; planning on doing so once the show is over.


Ahh…hmmm then yes let’s split the topics. One for books and the show with full spoilers and we’ll make this a show only thread. Sound good?


Seems everyone loves the series.


It’s fantastic.


I love the books! The show isn’t bad either.


Have you given it a shot yet? It really is the best show on television right now…


Ya I’m going to binge read them so hard when the show’s over. I’ve heard the show is going to move past the books this season…


Edited the title, should be good to go for Sunday!


Nope! Better Call Saul. :heart_eyes:


Oooh, good! I just read them in between TV seasons. Also, maybe you’re a more avid reader than I, but “binge-reading” this series sounds like a lot of effort, hahaha. I found each book to be quite a commitment!


I take it The Mountain is one of your favorites :wink: I heard his whole “get witch doctored by Cyban” bit doesn’t happen in the books… are you pulling for him to make it through?


Yes, but you won’t realize the difference until later. :smiling_imp:


It’s just an amalgamation of GoT/Godzilla :smile: GoTzilla if you will.

Cyben? Do you mean Qyburn?


Sorry yes, that fellow- the creepy gent who cleaned Jamie’s arm up and was going to do some sort of bizarre blood transfusion at the end of season four.


Well…I can’t/shouldn’t say anything. :wink:

Should be one hell of a season. I’m expecting a lot of…

…by show only people.


Cleganebowl? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: