Game of Thrones (LIVE)


For those who plan to watch the new episodes live, I thought to make a place where we can share our thoughts as they occur. I know a few of you forumites are dying for the new season to spark up and I’d like to share the experience with you guys!

As such, please note that there WILL BE spoilers in this thread so if you are not able to watch live yet…then steer clear of this thread until you can watch the episode!

Grab your snacks now peeps!



Snacks and alcohol acquired!

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Woot! The theme song is always soooo goood.

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Why Sansa gotta be like dat?

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obligatory nipple scene #1

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Why didn’t Brom mention about them being siblings when he wet-blanketed the family reunion?

Dragon riding sequence was super fun though.

…up to Tarly now…

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Welp, I thought there’d be more of you around to discuss but shrug. I felt that the season opener was pretty good, though I do feel they are going to push the story faster than desired. Cerci is really interesting in her handling of THAT little situation. Honestly, they make a good couple. I’m really not a fan of Brom, and him laying everything onto Tarly right then in that moment…give the guy a break! DO it yourself, Brom! At least John knows the truth now even though for a second I thought he might rage against Tarly for it. The next episode telling Danny will be painful. I highly doubt they would marry now, seeing as they are siblings…but I am pretty sure Danny will end up preggers.


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