Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Except she was sure it was SmirkyFace.


Have you guys heard the Brann is the Night King theory?


Too many times and apparently, the Night King also has Bran’s powers. :open_mouth:


Edit: ooooh I saw “Bronn”


Youtube keeps suggesting it to me. I get scared because of spoilers and just keep scrolling. Should I watch it?


Ehhh it’s kind of a weak theory and would make a lot of the show moot.

@mizx if you’re caught up in the show you should be fine.



They gonna wish they had these!


He went from GoT to hogwarts with those glasses. It’s actually weird to see him smile, because he never does in the show.


His smile is nice but not quite as good as that butt. :kissing_heart:



god I cringe looking back at season one when they made him have that bad dyed blonde hair. So glad they did away with that.




The guy in that video was too much…I only made it from 7:31 to about 9…


I just realized I’m rooting for the Night King. I went full walking dead. Just eat everyone.


Meanwhile GoT fans in florida


What my father bought me! :heart: :dragon:


Nice! Hopefully this one survives. :wink: