Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Swear to god, this channel makes some of the best videos on the site


I really do love Jaime


That seems fake to be honest and my brother is one of those people who always checks leaks from various sources and he hasn’t found anything like that, sometimes he loves to spoil some stuff to me, like Vyserion’s death, he tagged me on Facebook with an image of the Night King riding it…

But yes, Martin said that the ending will be bittersweet and it will have similarities with the ending of LOTR and what you just described seems like a truly depressing and dark ending. Furthermore, if Dany goes out like that, then I’ll probably stop watching honestly, after all, a young beautiful queen must defeat Cersei, just like the prophecy said.

Edit: Plus, in Dany’s vision, we see her walking around the Red Keep, which is destroyed and covered with snow and I think that means she will be alive for that event. If the Red Keep is blown up, then that means there’s no Iron Throne for Cersei. One way or another, Cersei has to lose and hope she does in the first episodes of season 8.


Hope so. Though if sansa and jon die, arya will be the queen…


That’s the thing though, I don’t see Sansa trying to take down Cersei since she doesn’t have a good army to take KL nor the right intentions. Arya can be the person who kills her, but not the one who will cast her down, since she isn’t known for her beauty.

Just my two cents


Can we keep script spoilers hidden, I don’t wanna have to avoid this discussion completely


Don’t worry, no scripts for season 8 have been leaked so anything you see/read is a fake.
The actors don’t even have them yet since production doesn’t start until October.



Personally, i don’t care if they are either fake or legit. I have a lot of fun to discuss/speculate.

Gooooood ol’ times when we were thinking about jack tripwires or emet healing machetes… those were the most beautiful speculation days of my life.


i would love it if they somehow weave in Azor Ahai prophecy … they have all the pieces to make it happen… It would be awsome if these ppl represent the seven gods
Father - > Jon
Warrior -> Jamie
Smith -> Gendry
Mother -> Dany
Maiden -> Mesande
Crone -> Melisandre ( old lady form)
Stranger -> not sure probably Greyworm since a being who is neither male or female with a scythe is the description
they all somehow become one entity Azora Ahoi to defeat Night King as the seven gods are actually a single diety…

But if they really go this route of character assassinations i cant take it i had enough…

here is the list of known ppl who wont make it till the end according to leaks
Tormud, Beric, Lyanna mormont, Jorah, Jon, Dany, Jamie, Cerci, Euron, Theon, Varys, Bran stark, Brienne, Meera, Howland reed, Drogon, Rahegal, Night king, undead viscerion, podrick payne(dies horribly infornt of brienne), Melisandre, hound and mountain, Sweet Robin, Kyborn, all the lords of stark banner man.

Ppl who survive
Tyrion (King regent until Layana comes of age), Mesande, Davos, Yara Grejoy, Sam and Gille, Lyana Targaryen, Arya + Nymeria, Sansa + Gendry ( they marry), Bron ( marrys a martel and controls Dorne), Edmure Tully, 1 unamed white walker that drags Brans body and turns him into Night King.


With how many people didn’t die this season, I wouldn’t mind seeing the majority of the remaining cast bite the dust…


If this is true, then season 8 will be shiet. Not because of what events, but because of how many events will happen in only 6 episodes. It would be a total flood of events that could actually cause too much confusion and it will make the season much more rushed than the 7th.

PS: you should make blur spoiler for your post, ok that this is a topic with spoilers, but leaks with potential spoilers so early might be undesired.
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this guy probably read from same site as me… this episode contains most of all the deaths in leaked scripts.


The writer of the books is in a unique position. The TV show will no doubt go one way, and then if the audience at large doesn’t like it or parts of it, the writer of the books can always change it…and yet both the tv series and book would be canon.

I’d be sad to see some of those characters go for sure…but at the same time, it doesn’t bother me too much because I know the deaths will most likely be amazing and worth something. Still, I much prefer A Midsummer Knight’s Dream to Romeo and Juliet, if you know what I mean. But I think the series should go after real, and not contrived. War is a bloody affair, and the wheel needs to be broken and that might mean an almost clean slate of bloodlines across the board.

Have any of you read “The Plague Dogs?” The writer wrote the story (same guy that did “Watership Down” I think), and there was a public outcry about the ending. So much so, that the author wrote a new ending in future book releases. The animated movie, however, stayed true to the original book.

Also, “Animal Farm” has had a couple of different endings. The animated film followed the book whereas this live action film version sorta modified it to fit more with the current times, but with a more…palate-able ending. Both, however, and worth seeing.

Both worth watching, honestly. Patrick Stewart is Napoleon in the live action version…and I think Old Major is the voice of Bane.


Trivia: Brad Bird (later writer/director of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille) was an animator on that movie.

But no I still haven’t seen it yet.



this makes me laugh. for whatever reason. I think they sort of framed this scene wrong, like he was jealous or something. I didn’t get the sense of “oh this will cause problems” It just seemed like he was personally hurt or something.


Well, you could say that he was pretty close to dany too. You can mostly notice it in season 6 when he became her first hand (i don’t remember the english title).
Edit: maybe he is hurt for both. Jealousy and for foreseeing future consequences.


The writers and Peter said that he was just worried about how their romance may cause problems in the future, but like Billy said, that scene is quite confusing.


Lena headey:

“I think she’s immediately envious because Daenerys is more beautiful and younger than she is and the prophecy says somebody younger and more beautiful will take her place so I’m sure that’s at the forefront of her mind. And Tyrion is her Hand, so she couldn’t be any worse.”