Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


So let’s talk about Littlefinger. I can’t believe(I can believe) they made the guy who essentially STARTED the war of the 5 kings, setting in motion all of these events, minus the white walkers naturally, go out like this. They set up this contrived low rent plot where they feign infighting between Arya and Sansa to create false tension(I watched the behind the scenes for this episode, and David Benioff had the gall to call this storyline believable, when it read completely out of character). Then Sansa orders him executed. Why the rigamarole of the fake conflict if he’s just going to be executed? I mean we know it was just to keep the involved characters busy and on screen while the important stuff gets done elsewhere, but what part of this plot line leads to him being executed? Did it take this long for Sansa to put all of his schemes together? She presents no evidence to the court, so she wasn’t waiting to build a case. Why didn’t little finger plan for this? One could say he was in “love” or whatever, but that didn’t stop him from fucking over Catelyn Stark, someone who he had many years of admiration for. This was sloppy.

The most IMPORTANT part about this, is we never learn his motivations. They are sort of hinted at in past conversations with Varys(something something king of the rubble something something), but that was ages ago. Sansa says something like “that’s just what you do”, but that’s not good enough I’m afraid. There is no damn way he didn’t have master plan. He and Varys are two of the best players of the game in Westeros, which gives me little hope for the fate of Varys in the narrative. Not his survival, as death is almost assured, but how he goes out. This is just tying up loose ends in the narrative. No damn respect was given here. This is utter fan fiction. People want to see slimy Littlefinger get his comeuppance, so it happens? There are plenty of people who deserve to live/die in the show, that’s not how it works. This so blatantly treads on the narrative established by the previous seasons. What was Lord Baelish’s plan? Did he want to destroy the crown, or wear it? What was he looking for in the North? To marry Sansa and become Lord in the North? For what? To what end? I didn’t even really like this character, but he had big bad potential. What a waste.

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Well, for all the fantastic moments I am gonna list my two faves.

First off it is Jaime leaving King’s Landing and the first flake just comes and sits on his hand. His gold hand. It’s so powerful, I mean we heard that Winter is here but the south somehow felt away from all that. Now it ain’t. A simple flake and the knowledge of what comes with it, awesome.

Second off, FUCK THAT GOATEE MOTHERFUCKER. NO, SERIOUSLY, FUCK HIM TO THE GROUND. I hope when D comes to Winterfell, they will have kept his corpse and feed it to Drogon.


if cercei lives, i’ll be really pissed off and really hope the white walkers reign over westeros then. If it is true that dany and jon die, this will make them the most tragic and romantic couple of history


Book LF would have never tried something so contrived as pitting the sisters against eachother.

This episode just put the final nail in the coffin for me. I’ll watch the last season, but I have zero faith that it will be good in any way.

And fuck the idea that a stream of blue dragon fire just destroys several hundred feet of solid ice in a matter of seconds. They’re cutting so many corners it’s insane.


At this point, I’m just waiting for the books. I’m hoping that if some of these events happen in the books, then they be better explained.

Hopefully these “spinoff” shows that come after will focus more on GRRM’s source material.


Welp season 8 will have a lot of Dragons/Wights/White Walkers fights so they had to get rid of all side characters to have enough money for CGI


My favorite part of all this is imagining Oberyn Martell chasing after Rhaegar in the afterlife yelling

“Elia Martell, say her name, you cheated on her, you divorced her, YOU DELEGITIMIZED HER CHILDREN!”



I felt Littlefingers death was insulting to say the least, I always saw him as the smartest character in the show, always scheming, yet he was just killed off, and for what? No hard evidence was given, just he said she said and everyone went along with it.
“Always prepare for the worst” Good one

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this season, it felt rushed and a few things made me questionable and its definitely sloppy in a lot of places, but I enjoyed it. The special effects, action and acting was top notch, seeing the dragons was amazing, seeing Wight Viserion was amazing, sure the wall was crumbled fast but no one wants to see that scene extended three times its length.

Good season, poorest yet in terms of writing but best in visuals, I’ll see you all in two years I guess


I have to admit, i only follow the tv series, never read the books. I am one that gets excited when major things happen but almost never consider how they happen. After reading your observations, it is true, most things are happening because they look cool, not because they are cool for the plot.


Do yourself a huge favor and read the books. I hate TV Cersei, but I love Book Cersei. You get a very different look at the characters.


Yeah i’m totally aware that books and tv are totally different. Like lady stoneheart and derrick dondarion.
Edit: i will try to read em all… but i still have tons of world of warcraft books to read yet.


Kinda where I’m at.

They reduced the wall to something insignificant which was saddening. I was hoping it would take more for them to cross, or not something quite so obvious.

Also, I will admit that while the storyline was terrible, I really enjoyed seeing Littlefinger’s throat get slit by Arya. Which I think was their goal.


Arya deals with her dont worry she wont make it …the CleganeBowl does happen. then again they kill everyone i think that very episode in scripts… Cersi, Jamie, Jon, Bron, Hound and his brother and Drogon. (drogon accidentally ignites the wildfire stashed below the dragon pit) the same pit where yesterdays episode ended…I thought it was fake but the episode 7 scripts had proper description every scene… even down to the detail like when Sansa lays charges while looking at Arya then looks at littlefinger… and also theon balls kicking thing… however it was also mentioned that Cersi has misscarriage and screams while the scene cuts to Jamie leaving while first snow of winter falls on his hand. which dint happen

even more convincing is that the site that i read the leaks from is taken down now… either ways last season is one hell of a character kill fest if those are true… every fookin one of them dies in every episode.


Arya will use Baelish’s face, which is of course why she slit his throat. I know we’ll see Baelish again…probably in speaking with Varys…and maybe Varys will note something being off with his old “friend.” Sadly though, I will miss Baelish. I think he really did love Sansa but I questioned that after he sold her to the Boltons. I thought after that incident he would bed Sansa forgiveness. I’m not sure where these characters are going because so much seems out of character at times. I didn’t like Arya going against Sansa, and I don’t like Sansa going against Jon…it’s all so forced. The only thing that seems to make half a bit of sense is Cerci saying she will kill Jamie…because she is so vile, evil, and unpredictable that stands to reason!

The ice wall did come down too easily. I don’t know how much dragon breath a dragon can output according to the lore but undead Viserion was hovering there with a gouth of seemingly unending flame to burst through the wall. The debate was put to rest though, on if it would be fire or ice. My husband thought he would spew ice and solidify the water so that the walkers could go around the wall. The blue fire melted it and…you know how hard it is for fire to melt ice like that? During the icy winter that was so bad a few short years back, we did take a flame thrower to it. It didn’t melt as you’d imagine. Even though dragon fire is supposed to be the hottest thing in this world, I still think it would have taken longer. I get that the show needed it to be done quick and not drag out but they should have started that sequence near the beginning of the episode and show a snippit here and there so that you could assume that that whole event took a longer span of time and be more believable.


I’m of the opinion that they are facing major budgetary pressures and so are chopping bits left and right to finish something.

I would guess that at the height of GoT fever they believed they would have more grrm material to work with and more time. But it really seems like everything has fallen apart since Twow was delayed.

So they are chopping loose ends off and giving more time to the core group.


what about jorah, tyrion, bran and sansa?


What do you mean?


I’m just waiting now for the wight version of this pop


The sixth book, The Winds of Winter.

i gotchu