Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


So then, Jon has more of a right to the iron throne, being the last living male in the Targ line, than Dany does.


Then why are you looking at a thread with spoilers?


Since we’ve just learned that Jon is a legitimate child of Rhaegar’s and not a bastard, yup!

And Jon is going to bone his aunt without knowing she’s his aunt lol those damn Targs, such rascals!


No time like the present!




I like Jorah. I wish he and Dany could get together. Hope to see him in the season finale. I mean, if they figure out (Jon and Dany) that they are related, they both can rule equally without being married, and she can get with Jorah who loves her to pieces.


He’s like 30 years older than she is… :nauseated_face:


The pits look way too small to have held Balerion, let alone Drogon.




Nice episode, not as fantastic as the last episode of 6th season. But it still promises something for the future.

Cercei is goin nuts, must die

In the next episode of “i’m not his father” we will have Ned Stark as our main guest!!!

Littlefinger got actually executed by a littlegirl. Much irony.

Theon is showing some balls finally… oh, ehm… sorry for that pun

The Night King loves The Elder Scrolls. That explains his dovahkin cosplay.

A magic wall of ice? Fuq dat shiet, i got a dragolich


I don’t care. I like him. :slight_smile:

Also, Bran really ticks me off…he doesn’t say anything but when he does it’s too late (miffed Jon and Dany got together but we all saw that coming, ugh…of course she will get preggo now). Bran’s only saving grace is that I am sure he reported Baelish’s deeds to Sansa and Arya so they could set up the meeting and take Baelish down. I felt bad for Baelish…sure he was a scoundrel, but oh I hated hearing him beg Sansa. I’ll miss his conniving character.

Did anyone else think that if they killed Tyrion people would riot on the internet?

Also, I think the show is a little too forced, and they are giving the people maybe too much of what they want because you can see the plot before it happens, at least the main plotline.


I always thought that Baelish’s death was a matter of time. He was just some sort of parasite in Winterfell’s court.


Dear god this episode. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll let my h8 crystalize into a keen edge before I talk about it.


Wait a second. We discovered that jon’s real name is Aegon (AeJon) Targaryen, right? Son of Rheagar Targaryen, the mad king, right? So this means that Daeny isn’t Jon’s aunt but she is his sister, right?


Aerys was the mad king not his son Rheagar


Correct. Jon just got down with his aunt.


I’m sure it has all to do with the plot line. Dany is pretty clear about her inability to have children but maybe she could with a fellow Targ and just doesn’t know it, because the prophecy said she’d have a stallion to mount the world. Still, this show seems to have a thing for incest and forcing the story. At least they don’t know of their relation, because I’m sure the characters would never do anything if they did. This is why Bran could not have spoken up until now. The more I think about him the angrier I get at his character. He does some things right but man he takes his sweet time, and leaves a lot to be desired. If we were privy to his information we’d be telling people all of these things asap. I was like…well, that raven isn’t getting to Jon in time…you knew about this a while ago and had the chance to send a raven about it before…but nope. It’s like the only reason he felt the need to send the raven was when Tarly mentioned the legal wedding on paper. But Bran knew about it before, just not the paperwork. :rage: Suddenly it’s all important now! There are papers!


i had read the leaked scripts for Episode 7 … and also the initial drafts for enitre Season 8… I dint believe it… but now I think they might be true… if it is then


Danny dies in child birth and gold cloaks successfully assault the dragonstone and drag her corpse and its hung near the entrace of kings landing and if that wasnt enough Jon, Hound, Jamie, Bron all die in wildfire and if that wasnt enough Little Lyanna mormont dies protecting bear island from the wights… thats not all the ppl who die i can go on but i hope its fake but the scans seemed real… and dialogue and scene description seemed verymuch on point in terms of episode 7

thats a horrible way to end a much loved character and with that i will end watching GOT… I cant take it anymore and thats very sadistic of RR Martin …


If your spoilers are true…at least that would NOT be expected. I feel the last two episodes were very expected, save for Baelish’s death scene. I feel like I expected everything else. While that does feel like a horrid way to end things out…at the same time it is rather Shakespearean.