Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


I do that, too!

It’s just so rushed because of the episode limit, plus all the ground they still need to cover to finish with next season being the last. They really should have added another season or two and slowed the timeline down quite a bit. Everything is just so fast compared to even last season that it’s jarring and doesn’t quite feel like the Game of Thrones I love.

I read an article how this season feels more like fanfiction than anything, and they’re completely right!


No grrm to lean on and the show and story are suffering for it.


This article made me angry


Alex, why are you even awake right now??


I’ve been falling asleep early and then waking up in the middle of the night lately. Then it takes me a couple hours to get back to sleep. It sucks.


That article was pointless, there was no breakdown.
Just a weak excuse for rushing the story.


I can understand that. I have been doing the same.


At least they acknowledge that travel times got a little bit bonkers, hope we will see less of that in the finale as well as in the final season.


Why don’t they just move everyone into Winterfell. That way no-one will have to travel anywhere.

I saw this bad boy on Artstation by Wisnu Tan. Link:


I guess I’ve just never felt real world limitations so obviously bleed into a show, or at least so abruptly. I almost had a heart attack when a few episodes ago, they go from Dragonstone, to King’s Landing, back to Dragonstone, then to Eastwatch. That journey alone would take a whole season normally, and say what you will about whether that’s a good or bad thing, to go from taking that time, to not taking that time, is aggressively noticeable. It’s not cleverly masked or explained, it’s just odd.

I suppose it’s not entirely unique, I mean Jaime and Bronn in Dorne went unusually fast. Speaking of Dorne, I was thinking the other day what a fantastic let down the partnership between Dorne(or just Dorne in general),the Tyrells, and Dany really was. I mean they have this big reveal last season, then they’re both swept off the field in a few episodes. I know it was supposed to be intimidating because Cersei managed to do it so easily, but because there was zero time to build up their characters, it was like “so what” when they got stomped. I mean how contrived were those stakes ya know? As we’ve seen, Dany didn’t even need them. The lack of impact felt by that, was crowned by the totally weird powers of GoT official mini boss Euron Greyjoy, and his unstoppable fleet of teleporting war ships, raised from an island of stone.

I mean, the more I think about it, the more I retroactively ruin this show for myself. Why do I continue? I started out just wanting satisfying resolutions for the characters I enjoy. What the hell is happening to me!?

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For me, I feel like if they weren’t in such a rush we could have had a much more expanded world with deeper plots and subplots. But they were so Gung Ho to charge ahead regardless of the source material they’re showing their weakness as writers and lack of care for the show. When your actors/animators have to tell you their character wouldn’t do X, you know that you’ve messed up.

I love the books so much that each episode just gets me more entrenched in my game of fails mindset.


I couldn’t agree more with this, why hype her alliance with those great houses if the only thing they did for her was get her to Westeros. But again, I believe this was done solely for chock value, nobody expected Dany to be losing at first, so they nerfed her and buffed Euron’s fleet.
Edit: Like, why would Euron attack Dany’s fleet knowing that she has three large dragons? Did he know that the dragons weren’t there? If he did, then how? Why didn’t anyone at Dragonstone knew about Euron’s fleet coming? Ugh!


Guys…at least we still have this.

Also, can we have a moment of joyous silence for Cersei’s wig, and I hope Bran’s hair is still burning in heck to this day.


Bran was rocking the Goblet of Fire hairdo for way too long.

This new one though doesn’t make sense…who cut it? Do Bran and Cesei have the same stylist as the servant who busted C/J?




I feel like we might see Meera again, with her father Howland maybe since he’s the only one alive who can verify Jon’s birth and such. Next season of course.


This is one of the best things that I have seen. :laughing:



So, the way I understand this…Ned Stark’s sister got pregnant with the Mad King’s baby (Jon Snow), making Jon Snow both a natural born Stark as well as a Targaryen and half brother to Dany? This would make sense since there were 5 dire wolves, one for each official Stark, but also that Jon’s hair is darker since Ned’s bloodline’s hair runs dark which would be dominant over white hair.

Also, we really need to see more dire wolves in the show…Ghost has been gone far too long and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Nymeria again. All the other awesome wolves were killed off waaaaay too easy and so quick.


Mad King’s SON’s baby
Rhaegar was the Mad King’s son and Dany’s oldest brother, he was the crown prince and heir to the throne before he died. Making Dany Jon’s aunt, not sister.

In the books, they liken Arya’s dark looks to Lyanna’s (Ned’s sister) and also mention how Jon looked the most like Arya of all his siblings. Makes sense now that we know for certain that Lyanna is Jon’s mama.