Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Right but to refreeze in three days the average temp would need to be 20*. With no shelter, fire, and nothing covering their face, that’s hard to swallow.

My initial travel speed was based on 50 mph. But to get there in a day, Dany would have had to travel 80 mph for a straight day. On the back of Drogon with so support or saddle.

I get its fantasy, but come on. Grrm worked hard to ground most of the story in reality.


Man, I predicted lots of things along the years for this series but I was hoping to god I would be wrong about the dracolich.

Yeah, Westeros is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.


Gonna need a dragonglass tipped scorpion.

Or maybe Qyburn will find some Valeryan steel bolts somewhere.


Just fire Qyburn himself against a dragon, should be fine


The only thing left to see is if that thing can breathe fire. It will be able to fly either way and if you add fire into the mix . . .



Well logic would say it should not breathe fire because that is bad for Ice Demons.

#ButFuckIt because the night king walked right through fire last night.


It will fart mini tyrions Kappa


Ugh…I was really looking forward to this episode. This basically sums up my feelings pre-watching:

But overall it annoyed me more than I enjoyed it. There’s no consistency, just a series of ‘cool’ moments strung together by the rotting corpse of something called a story line. I’m not sure where to even begin…with Benjin-there’s-no-time-to-explain-why-there’s-no-time-to-explain-Stark? Or the suicide squad being stranded on a small rock for 3 or so days? Or Sansa even bothering to respond to Cerci’s letter, I mean what does she really expect will happen at Kings Landing?! Why send Brienne there at all???

Rant aside, I’ve been listening to some videos by a YouTube channel called The Dragon Demands about the GoT show. His videos have been pretty critical of the show writers David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. The TL:DR is that the writers no longer care about the story per say, but instead getting the characters to make cool faces.

And with each new episode, I fear this is true. I don’t know if I agree with everything that channel said but I think he really hit the nail with how the events are simply there to get the characters in cool situations. Like with Arya last season; gets fatally stabbed one episode, but is running around the next. Allegedly Arya was supposed to be doing acrobatics that episode, but instead Maisie argued that her character would not be in any state to do them so it was changed.

I’m just disappointed that the show hasn’t been able to keep its compelling/consistent story alongside all the awesome visuals.

(link to that YT channel ->


I think this is actually the third time we’ve seen WW walk through fire, so I think the fire is only to kill wights. I thought dragon fire would be different but last night proved it wasn’t.

And I don’t think we can consider Viserion an ice dragon, like from the stories Old Nan used to tell because I believe those were actually a breed of dragon. Viserion is either a wight or WW dragon now, and I can’t tell yet which one. I’m assuming WW since I’m assuming fire won’t be able to kill him. And he better have blue flame and not some stupid ice crap.


Frost breath! :snowflake:


Oh my Poderick Payne, I forgot the way too convenient Bejnen Stark(was it ever explained how he is a half walker in the show?) and his miraculous rescue. It just felt like the writers saying “let’s eliminate this loose end before we forget”. How did Jon crawl out of the lake in full gear?

I also just realized(i’m late I know) that GoT has plot armor conceptualized IN THE SHOW. It’s just “the lord of Light’s will”. It’s so blatant.

#PhDInH8erism #NitPickinPetPeevin

Edit: to mention nothing of the weird way time functions this season. That alone is an issue that would break anyone with the will to examine the discrepancies.

#FullOfH8 #NoFunAllowed


If I weren’t already married…



I’ve been hearing a few theories about how the Night King actually set a trap to kill the dragons. The biggest evidence I’ve found is that the White Walkers brought exactly 3 ice spears. It also makes sense why there was that small group of wights roaming together with only one that didn’t die with the WW and that the suicide squad wasn’t attacked at all while on the island. I guess this theory would play into the Night King’s potential greenseeing ability?

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but I sure didn’t… I just thought that all of these things were happening conveniently for the show’s “plot” (ie. The Night King needed a dragon to level the playing field) and not Jon and Dany falling for a trap.


If I would have to sacrifice an episode (cause this has the single most teleportiest episode this far) to get what we have gotten this season, I think it’s a fair trade-off.

Also, does justifying the episode through the Night King setting a trap qualify as fanboying :stuck_out_tongue: ? Cause I am 50/50 on that. Also, this -

  • is way too convenient to be coincidence. My guess is he waited for Dany to come.


That’s a bit too confident if he set a trap. “I’ll hit every spear.” I mean, he is the Night King and all, but damn, make an extra just in case maybe.


Maybe he ran out of magic snow to make em :stuck_out_tongue: I mean. if you kill every man you see, how are you gonna get the yellow kind :laughing: ?


I thought that for a little bit because when Bran sends ravens, the Night King and company are at that exact location already. Then when Jon arrives they’re still in that area? Then I realized that I don’t think the show runners care about that little detail.


The way I’ve managed to avoid my brain melting is to imagine each episode is actually 2. So episode 7A ended after they got trapped on the island, and 7B started with the drunk priest’s death.


Oh yeah, didn’t even notice that. Perhaps the travel budget is the real enemy.