Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]




I will discuss when everybody is ready. This episode means HUGE things



TMTR sees chains…dragon…eye


Can’t they just make another Scorpion and this time use a dragonglass tip?
Boom! Wight dragon be dead!


Or is it more of a White Walker dragon now since he technically brought him back by touching him like he did Craster’s sons? Although Craster’s sons were alive when he turned them so I wonder if that’s the difference?

And since Drogo killed Viserys, does that mean that Drogon will be the one who needs to kill Viserion?

And wtf, did the Night King just fucking walk through dragon fire?


I didn’t even know there was going to be another season. I thought this was it. So there’s going to be a mid season, and then a year wait? Or is it just the end of this season next episode? I don’t get what to heck.

Anyway, I watched this episode on Thursday or something, so now I have to wait an extra long time to get another episode. That’s what I get for giving in to leaks I suppose.

I’m surprised the Hound did something that foolish with the rock. It seems like something someone else would do, and he’d give them a lot of shit for it. Arya/Sansa storyline seems weird and out of character, even more out of character that Sansa would go to Littlefinger for ANYTHING. Sansa sending Brienne away seems ridiculous, but I suppose they need her vulnerable, and things have got to be said between Brienne and Jaime.

Littlefinger, down,but not out. I thought he had lost. Northern lords suck.

I was at maximum clench when Tormund almost died. So much for Gendry’s hammer, it was cool to see The Hound use it.

I think Tormund advising Jon to bend the knee is beyond belief. He’s a wildling dammit, don’t take the principles from the one group I wholeheartedly like!

The final scene on the boat had me rolling my eyes so hard I could see the last of my brain cells wither away in my skull. It’s A Song of Ice and Fire, so we get the cold guy, and the hot lady together. Hopefully they form a band instead of fall in love. Ygritte can’t be topped, sorry.

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The stuff with the Dream team beyond the wall was dope. I also liked that Tyrion(poor guy can’t catch a break) has brought up valid concerns to Dany instead of gladhanding.


All of this and more! :clap: :clap:


I had to sry


One thing that actually let me down was thoros’s death. It felt so non-impactful and done quick. I expected more insight from his character while his death was nearing. It looked like “oh look, thoros is suddenly dead, didn’t notice that! Oh well, lets burn him”


Next week is the last episode for this season. Then there’s at least a year wait, maybe more until the final season. Season eight is going to only be 6 episodes, but from what I hear they’re all going to be as long as these last two are (roughly 80 minutes).

But he needs to get Dany preggo, because at this point they’re basically bashing it over our heads. I think Dany not being able to have kids was mentioned twice in this episode, and Jorah mentioned Jon passing the sword along to his children. Ugh, just fucking do it already. We get it!!


The episode did get me in the feels though, you will be missed Viserion!
The gentlest of Dany’s dragons :cry:


Shame that he was named after a douchebag


One thing i don’t understand though was the ice spear, i mean, was that just a weapon to kill the dragons or is its purpose to corrupt their flesh and let the night king rise them from the death?
Edit: maybe it was just for killing dragons, it was the dragonglass that transformed the first men into white walkers.


So lets sum up the characters of this episode:
Arya wants your facebook
Gendry Maratheon, the best runner of westeros
Thoros live and die by the rum
The Hound loves to throw stones
Jon is a cool guy
Dany is a hot chick
Uncle Jorah is here for Jon’s babies
The Night King is an excellent quarterback
Tyrion is the classic mom, don’t be late for dinne Dany!!!


You forgot that Ravens and Dragons can now teleport thousands of miles in a day.


I’m more inclined to believe that the dragons would do it, not so much ravens which can fly like 40/50 mph. Considering that the Magnificent Seven were probably camped out on that rock for 3 days.


3 Days? They only showed them sleeping once.
It’s also close to 2000 miles from Dragonstone to The Wall as the crow flies.
At 50 mph that is 39 hours of straight flight.
Dany would have to sleep at some point.


I say 3 days because it would take about that long for the ice to refreeze 2-3 inches for it to be safe to walk on again.

With the dragons I think of them more like airplanes so it would only take a few hours flight time. In the air you don’t need to go along roads that aren’t the fastest distance from point A to point B.


They only showed that they slept once. But as Tormund said, you have to arrange yourself out there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)