Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Not if they go around the wall…


I would be severely disappointed if this were the case.


My guess is that Bran is gonna be the intermediary for the Wights to pass the wall.


This is what I think as well. Bran was marked by the Night King and because of that they can go anywhere he does? I’m not certain about how it all works. I’m thinking that the mark allowed the Night King to pass through the magic surrounding the cave where he found Bran the first time. I assume if will allow him to pass through the magic at the Wall as well. Either that or they destroy the Wall (which would be infinitely cooler IMO)


I heard that in the books, some kind of gigantic horn is involved. But I agree, them going around the wall would be super lame.


I ended up watching the episode out of fear of potential spoilers. I hate that I felt it had to come to that. I can’t wait to rewatch it on Sunday though.


Yeah, the Horn of Winter. I think that Sam found it at the Fist of the First Men in the show back in like season 2 or something (it was Jon and Ghost in the books if I remember correctly). He also found the dragonglass that he uses to kill the first White Walker buried with the horn and a Night’s Watch cloak.

Edit: now that I think about it, it might have actually just been some war horn that they found. The real Horn of Winter was never actually found in the books as far as we know.


Correct, just a giant’s warhorn. I doubt he horn of Jorrimund (sp?) is real.


Can’t wait for tomorrow!!
Also, quick question, why didn’t Ned Stark ask for a process by combat when he got accused of betrayal?

  1. Trial by combat is tied to Faith of Seven and Ned worships Old Gods.
  2. He was Injured so he couldn’t fight for himself, and even if he found someone who would fight for him that person would propably have to fight Mountain, Hound or Jamie.
  3. Even If he won, he would still be trapped insinde King’s Landing ( I doubt Lannisters would just let him go).
  4. Lannisters held Sansa hostage so his best bet was to confess and hope for mercy.


All of these things!


Tomorrow’s episode is the mid-season ender correct?


I remember someone looking it up. Tomorrow is the second to last episode. The last episode will be the following Sunday. No breaks.


I can’t believe there are only 8 episodes left in the entire series… I think they also said there would be a 2 year break or something between this season and the last season. That might give GRRM some time to release TWoW.


Nah, it’s not 2 years just 1 year. They start production in October for the last season.



Oh you’re right! Thank god… I don’t know where I read that it would be 2 years.

Edit: Also just read that the finale this season will be 81 minutes?!? And I thought episode 6 was long at 71 minutes. I’m glad they’re actually making the episodes longer even though there are less of them.


Well, maybe 1.5 years at most if they plan to have each of the 6 episodes be over 80 minutes long. I think it’s too early to tell, it’s possible they may push the date out depending on how production goes over the next year. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the final season was in January 2019


3 am here, second last episode just begun!!!


Commercial break, so far nothing big happened… hoping for huge lore developments in the second half!!