Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Wait, what?



That doesn’t look legitimate…

Edit: Yup, fan made.


Considering the fact that Giants have bows with arrows the size of harpoons, I am gonna say its a pretty possible thing to happen.


If a dragon fell and if it was resurrected, then it wouldn’t be any different than its brothers and wouldn’t be able to breathe fire. It would become a creature like all others (bear, horse, people, giants).

It would still be able to fly if it’s wings function, but it wouldn’t likely get any new powers.


If somebody didn’t notice yet, Episode 6 has leaked and is all over the internet so:
a) go watch it
b) avoid anything GoT related to avoid spoilers


No discussion of leaked episodes here until Sunday evening.


I feel bad for HBO, but I still think they should follow Netflix’s model and just start releasing all the episodes at once. Although I know that would affect their incomes.


Sucks that the episode got leaked… I remember watching the 4 episodes last year that got leaked. This one is really crappy quality anyway. I doubt many will commit to watching it.


Depends of the link. It just downloaded for me and it looks very good.


Well, there are 2 types of undead dragons:
sindy (Sindragosa, WoW)
And the one in the poster.
First one would be possible if the white walkers got an already dead dragon from millenia.
The second one is possible if the white walkers had a dragon egg and corrupted it. So i don’t think this theory can be impossible.


Heard about the leak from the news and that there is a lawsuit over it now…but honestly, anything of poor quality I avoid like anchovies on ice cream. I guess I’m an HD purist. I don’t even really consider watching VHS tapes anymore and kinda go “Aw man” when a movie is in DVD format over Blu-Ray (I only buy Blu-Rays now). Some stolen and bitmappy or grainy leaked video is nothing I would ever consider watching even if it was the last episode of the entire series and so much hangs in those little 7 days from the episode prior to it. Just wait for it.


I think HBO deserves more for the quality they put out, I’ll wait until Sunday


But yeah, as soon as I heard rumors of an ice dragon, and the main artist for the dragon sculpts said they did something different this year to a dragon, I hoped the rumors were true.

crosses fingers


If any of you ever watched on YouTube anything Game of thrones related don’t go there, for some reason YT is puting Clips from leaked episode at the top of home page even when they have barerly 400 views


Those are not grrm dragons though, he has his own rules.

Not that DB and D.B. pay much attention to them…


I think they would have to in order to even out the battlefield, not just for coolness factor. 3 dragons alone could decimate the army of the frozen undead. I suspect that 1 dragon will be killed by the Scorpion/Ballista, and another will be turned into undead, leaving only Drogon. Then you can have an epic dragon fight while having the ground battle below as well. The playing field will be more even.


Plus, the wall needs to fall in order for the undead army to get through. Having an undead dragon might make that possible.


Btw, about the comment you made a while of Cersei making more scorpions. I think the show indirectly told us that the scorpions may not be seen again. Jaime told Cersei that Qyburn’s scorpions didn’t do nothing to Drogon and he was basically admitting that they can’t win the war.

Plus, Cersei later agrees with him and tells him that she plans to take care of Dany in a different way, like the way Stannis killed Renly and Tywin killed Robb Stark.

This is just mere speculation, I’m not saying that the chances of seeing the scorpion again are low.


Ugh I can’t even go on YT anymore because it keeps recommending me videos of the leaks.
The thumbnails themselves just reveal everything damnit.