Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


They both must survive, sure, but for how long will they live? Eheheheh


tfw your HBO now subscription runs out in the middle of the episode.




His gold hand was still attached. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god when Gilly talked about Rhaegar getting annulled and remarrying and Sam didn’t listen I lost my shit


I doubt Cersei will keep the baby at this point, mostly because Maggie the Frog said she would only have 3 children. Plus, Jaime needs to kill her next season and he won’t do that if she’s pregnant.

In the books by this point Jaime is already done with Cersei’s bullshit, so it’s been really annoying seeing him continuously getting sucked into her web.



Amen, sister! Preach!


Plot armor isn’t as heavy as you may think.


At least 50 lbs but likely more, and Jaime is at least 200 lbs. There’s still no way Bronn could carry him up.


I just got that you said plot, not plate…



I loved it!




Pasteles and coquito!


I thought those were tamales and I got really hungry…


Is almost the same thing, but pasteles is made with plantains. :puerto_rico:


Saw one of these and had to make my own.


I love this. I didn’t realize, but it’s really true. Thank you so much.
when there is no more room for source material, the writers will resort to anime.


At the behest of my brother, I took a look at the promotional posters.

The Night King apparently got envious of my D&D collection and decided to get his very own Dracolich.

Yeah, Westeros is fucked.