Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Now that i recovered my opportunity to discuss what i missed during my holidays, i’ll expose my thoughts on this fantastic episode.

First of all.
I have to say, the most tense point of the episode was the encounter between Theon and Jon. I was like “he is gonna wreck his face! heisgonnawreckhisface!! Heishdjsvfksnajfjeb”.
I lovede Brienne vs Arya, that was god damn cool. Loved it!
Speaking of deny’s assault: WOW. That was epic. Loved it. We can clearly see both weaknesses: Lannisters aren’t OP and Drogon isn’t invincible.
Was left disappointed though. I seriously expected someone to die in that battle, and i mean one of the main characters.
I also think Tyrion’s loyalty towards Deny won’t last forever. I’m sure that in a way or another, Tyrion could betray Deny to protect Jamie.
It’s easy to go against someone you don’t know like the enslavers in Essos, little dwarf, but not that easy to go against your family, isn’t it?


Washed all banners in cold water, then immediately took the iron to one…didn’t seem to do much, maybe just a tad. The water seemed to make them less wrinkly but dang. I am assuming the banners are made of nylon since they smell sorta plasticy like a kid’s Halloween costume and come with an anti-ironing warning. People on Amazon say they have ironed them, or steamed them, those that were brave enough, and didn’t have issues…but I won’t risk it further than this. I just put them all between a few sheets of wooden boards and pressed them overnight. Guess we’ll see how that turns out later.


Ok then…apparently I was looking at the wrong thing. The package does not say what the banners are made of BUT the actual banners do on the tiny tags…Polyester. So then, we decided to iron using steam. I’m not sure how this is really different than the washing and then ironing but apparently it does make a difference. We’ve been steam ironing (LOTS of steam) on the “silk” setting and the wrinkles are melting out.


And, the living room is finished!

But first…the Before Images:










Wow. They fit perfectly.


Putting Baratheon, Lannisters and Tyrell close to each other… i see what you did there
About the rest… that’s f****** glorious


You guys…this, this is EPIC!


The sword clashes kind of take away from the saber sounds… :stuck_out_tongue:


True but…so amazingly well done.


Can’t wait. 1 hour and 29 minutes left :open_mouth:


From riot artist Riot Zeronis

Edit: she is dany if you didn’t catch it


More epicness!


Oh god this episode is promising a lot of future things!!!
Commercial break is ending, getting back at the episode right now!


That opening was bullshit though…no way that Bronn could have pulled Jaime up in full armor.


“Prince Radger”



The plot demanded that both should be alive. :man_shrugging:


#Logic :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, the episode was “great”.
Ending was disappointing. Was expecting some more actually.
When Jon was leaving dragonstone and talking for the “last” time to deny i was like “NOW U KISS” lul
17.852 shits, and Sam decided to not give any of them. Gud.
Good trick for the plot to tell us that Cercei is pregnant, but i won’t fool for that! Inb4 no matter what, Jemie kills Cercei because he foresees that even if they get a new child, things will only repeat under Cercei’s will.
I think Jemie is more future-focused. When he spoke about the white walkers he looked very convinced, he understood that against them, doesn’t matter which house you belong to, you will become just fuel for the undead army.
So two theories imo: cercei gets killed by Jemie (it has to be him, otherwise, disappointing), OR Cercei joins Deny but this seems pretty unlikely given that she would, as a true Lannister, destroy anything in her path, “dead men, dragons and dragon queens”.

Edit: fixed some “shit”


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Here to nominate da mvp of the episode


Though jaime is without 1 hand. So he is lighter than many may think.
I call it legit Kappa