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We expect the Lannister’s to be monsters. We want Dany to be different than the other lords.


I think the comments are referring to people who are supporting the Lannisters and then say stuff like the one mentioned above.

Although, in what way should she be different? I think that she should be both a dragon (like Olenna said) and play nice at the same time ( not hurting civilians).

Her decision to attack the Lannister army was the correct one, in my opinion. But I do believe that she should make prisoners out of the Lannister soldiers, instead of killing them if they refuse to bend. Although, at least she’s giving them a choice, so for me, she is following Aegon’s steps, rather than her father’s steps.

Playing too nice has caused her three allies already and she has reached her limit.

Edit: Saying she’s becoming the Mad Queen would be an exaggeration IMO.


People miss out on the fact that Cersei has been ‘the peasants belong on the countryside, not our capital’ since DAY FUCKING ONE. And they get up on arms because Daenerys used Drogon ?

Let’s list some of the things that happened during her time as Queen regent, shall we ?

-A war began since she spoiled her firstborn son.
-Lots of kids, regardless of age died because she spoiled her firstborn son.
-When her lover (nvm if he is her brother or not), came back to her after months of captivity and having lost his good hand in the process, she was colder than ice to him.
-She is responsible for massively dropping the morale of the soldiers on Blackwater because she spoiled her firstborn son.
-She had the pyromancer make wildfire since the 2nd fucking season and she seemed pretty cool with the idea of burning the entirety of King’s Landing if Stannis were to annex the city successfully.
-She failed to get through to her son and lost him because of it.
-She weaponized an army of fanatics because she wouldn’t be Queen anymore only to lose the city to them.
-And when she decided to solve all her problems in one swift strike, she gave 0 fucks about which people got caught in the crossfire. She went Mad King on the sept and killed lots of innocent people. Which also resulted in her second son committing suicide. Because he ‘betrayed’ her. Not because he was trying to clean up whatever mess his mother made, oh no.

I am not even gonna list Daenerys’ feats during her tenure, that would be like pitting a wheelchair bound blind man in a race against Usain fucking Bolt.

On a more pleasant note, the props team for this episode deserves a fucking raise. People getting turned to ash seconds after being burned was chilling.


The way the ballista bolt scene was going I thought it’d go straight into the dragons mouth (forgot the name of it don’t hurt me) and kill it and I was ready to be so triggered that it died so fast


I think the ballista is called the Scorpion (correct me if I’m wrong) which is a pretty cool name





That episode was dope! I mean, all morality aside, with 5 seasons of waiting to see these dragons in action, this was a treat. Visually stunning to see those red n golds turned to ash. I don’t know if it was the smartest move, but it was the coolest.

Tyrion’s plans failing aren’t a surprise, he seemed to confuse war strategy with the game he and his siblings would engage in at King’s Landing. His plan’s weren’t terrible though, he just couldn’t account for a fleet of teleporting Ironborn ships, who are also somehow much larger and more powerful than the ships they had. I was kind of taken aback when Dany made that cutting ass remark about Tyrion wanting to “protect his family” just because his plans failed. Like shit he’s sacrificed everything to be here working for you, ease up. What happened to that touching but weirdly unearned scene last season where he cries when she makes him Hand? Savage.

Anyway, on to the moral implications of roasting those soldiers with Drogon. I mean, it was terrible, and frightening and all the survivors will tell stories for ages to come about how they saw their friends turned to ash next to them or how their shields and armor melted on them scarring them forever. All the gory details. This is not to say they were innocent, they were a lannister army. The lannisters literally have a song about wiping out another house in entirety, and have no love for common people.

That being said, she wasn’t just there for the soldiers(i’m assuming) but there to stop grain from reaching the capital. The gold had already reached King’s landing, so this was grain I think Jaime mentioned to Brann. If that’s right, then she’s taking food away from hungry people. It could be said that only the royals and soldiers of king’s landing will eat it, but they are the last ones to starve. If there’s not enough to go around, does the queen go hungry? The people starve first, then the soldiers, the city would fall before a lord felt a pang of hunger. This is a legitimate siege strategy, but will the people be grateful to you once it’s all over? If their loved ones starve to death in the siege(assuming it’s long enough for this to happen), is this going to engender faith in Dany?

These are the boring sort of questions that I obsess over when watching this show, and I do the same thing with LOTR. For the people, it’s between a devil I know, and a devil I don’t. Cersei is a monster with a terrifying name. Lannister means a lot to people in Westeros, and it’s no question it’s rule through fear, but what does Targaryen mean to people? The living memory of Aegon’s reign is mostly one of strife and terror. Cersei is wretched and evil, but Dany has something to prove(again unfortunately). Her incredible feats haven’t crossed the sea to the common people, and she’s not demonstrated that same dedication to freedom in Westeros, as flawed as it’s execution may have been across the sea. She’s not liberated the peasants under feudal rule. She’s not starting a revolution from below as Cersei suggested to the Iron banker. She’s here to conquer, as Jon said “more of the same”.

If her reforms amount to changing a slave empire into feudalism, then what does she have to offer feudal Westeros? What does her prophetic right to rule matter to the common person? I think the reason people are frustrated with this character, is she doesn’t make her intentions clear. Her actions and words are in conflict. This is not the character’s fault, as it should read(i’m assuming here, haven’t read the books, so feel free to school me) like this complex inner struggle between a powerful person’s “destiny” and their will to subvert that destiny and free the people under the yoke of other would be rulers. It however reads like plain confusion or just completely out of character with what we’ve seen so far.

Cersei is obvious. She’s a wicked person who only has her best interests at heart. Dany is six seasons in, and we still don’t know exactly what she’s about. If she took a stance next episode and stuck with it I’d know how to feel about her. Again, not the character’s fault. I know it’s optimistic to expect anything that great from characters in a feudal fantasy world, but she sort of gave me hope when she liberated all those slaves. Now what?


Anyone else think Jon bent the knee to Deny while they were in the cave so nobody saw them ?


Not yet, but it will probably be a private thing between them later in the season.
And then they’ll immediately bang!


Dammit, no!


I’ve always assumed scorpion’s were smaller and more for taking out infantry, whereas ballista’s were larger and for bigger things (sieging as an example.)

Plus after searching for a bit, all the websites I’ve been on say it’s a ballista but apparently Bronn calls it a scorpion (my memory is bad so I can’t remember small details like that in things.)

“In episode 4 of season 7, Bronn uses the ballista (or scorpion, as he calls it) to land a shot on one of the dragons.”
“his marvelous plan was simply a medium-sized ballista”

Another thing I noticed is that the pictures of ballista’s all seem to have two cranks (one on each side) whereas scorpion’s only seem to have one.




Would make sense if Snow and Dany just wed and then they BOTH could rule. I don’t quite understand how they are related so…this is how I see things ending well…both being able to rule together.

I watched the show last night when we got back from WI and at the end we both swore Tyrion said “Hurry, you idiot” under his breath to Jamie when he decided to charge Dany while Drogon was down. I was like…what!? My husband heard the same thing. Thinking that Tyrion swapped sides so flippantly I couldn’t believe it. We were like…no way! He is not on Dany’s side after all?! They changed his character on a whim?! It didn’t even look like when Drogon got hit it phased him at all that Dany could go down with the dragon, so at the moment it seemed to tie in, but then we re-wound back to re-watch with captions on and were hugely relieved when he said “Flee, you idiot” and not HURRY! Whoa…BIG difference in not hearing the correct phrase and a huge relief for us since we were all flustered and bawking. Good thing we recorded the episode…had we been able to see is live in WI (we couldn’t because they don’t get HBO and don’t have the internet ability to “stream” anything), we would have been completely taken aback!


The banners…they will not uncrease!

The directions say not to iron, although I did try on a few settings, to no avail. It says I can cold wash them and hang dry…going to see if that works. I guess the last resort will be to take them to get pressed.


I still believe hes with dany, he loves his brother, the only member of his family who loved him, he doesn’t want him to die so stupidly


Just re-watched that part to see what he says and I’m 100% sure he says “flee, you idiot”

Edit: If anyone wants to find it then I use this site:

Go to 48:37 for the right part


That is what he said, but we tried a couple times to hear that and we just can’t. We occasionally do have to put CC on to hear what somebody really said in these cases. We’re getting old, what can I say?


Finally got back home from holidays
Watched the 4th episode just now

I came


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There are different types of fan service… and weapons fan service is a big one


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