Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


I’m fairly certain Tyrion will never die. I believe GRRM sees himself as Tyrion in the books.

Of course, show might decide otherwise.


Oh Yeah, I’m saying this from my point of views. Sure, they have their own reasons on why they do the things they do, it’s part of their personality. Nevertheless, everytime Arya kills someone, they presented it like it’s justice, plus, the people that she kills are incredibly evil, so that’s why we root for her, even if she kills them in a horrible way.

So I guess it’s not about their moral compass, maybe that was the wrong term, I guess I’m referring to the way they portray these characters and their actions on the show.

When the show began, people hated the Hound because he killed an innocent boy and they hated Jaime because he attacked Ned Stark, they were the “bad guys” and look at them now.

I don’t think Arya, Tyrion nor Jon have done something that would make me question their morality, like hurting someone innocent or something that would make us stop considering them the “good” guys of the show.

Of course, this is incredibly subjective, since we’re talking about what makes a good person and what makes a bad person.

Edit: Eh, I’m not explaining myself too well, to be honest, I’m too tired because of college. :cry:


Last book came out in 2011 so you have plenty of time to read them, too lol


Tyrion has also gotten the most screen time throughout the whole series, followed by Jon and Dany.


I think that is show perspective and love for the actor portrayal. All three have done and said terrible things. Jon the least of all of them, but still.


My thoughts about this episode:

  • Every single scene between Daenerys and Jon was gold!

  • Dany calling Tyrion out about that wise person he likes to quote was hilarious:laughing:

  • Tyrion defending Dany’s reputation and talking about all the good things she has done with Jon was awesome.

  • Dany’s speech was epic and so was the acting, believe in yourself Dany!

  • Lady Olenna telling Jaime she killed Joffrey just right after she drank the poison was badass, you can see in Jaime’s face that he realized what a terrible mistake he made by giving her a nice death.

  • The Unsullied taking Casterly Rock was also nice to see and Greyworm throwing that lance!

  • Cersei getting her revenge was actually super sweet to see and Lena’s acting just can’t stop surprising me.

A small thing that I didn’t like:

  • So… Euron uses his teleportation skills, appears without anyone noticing the giant armada and easily destroys Dany’s ships. They knew Dany was going to take Casterly Rock, but Daenerys, with someone like Varys at her side, didn’t have a clue about Euron traveling around and destroying ships.

Also, it looks like Casterly Rock isn’t worth anything now, so once again and surprisingly, Dany is losing the war. :cry:


Because fuck time lines if it gets in the way of story telling.

The amount of area covered without word getting out is insane. By land or sea…

From Pyke to King’s Landing, to the waters between dragonstone and Dorne, to King’s Landing and then all the way to Casterly Rock?



If varys could travel from dorne to mereen in few days in the last episode of 6th season, i can’t see why euron can’t be that… “varys” fast Kappa

Ps: hey good ol friend :wink:


Wait a second… euron knew where greyjoy and the dornians were and so they captured both dorne’s queen and theon’s sister. Jamie (and euron again) knew that castelry rock was going to be under attack by dany’s army (sorry, i don’t remember the english name for that army, in italian is “immacolati”) and so the lannisters attacked tyrell’s castle… i REEEEEEEALLLY doubt that they had planned all that beforehand…


According to that map scale, Euron traveled at least 12,600 miles with a full fleet.

This would take at least 2,190 hours of sea travel time (5kph) and that assumes full speed, no storms, and no stops.


But, because I’m not already pissy about this, it takes over a year to build a ship by hand with a group of 50 people (minimum per ship). You’d need a quarter of a million tons of lumber for 1,000 ships and they’re on Pyke…which has no trees. So wtf?!?

Now, I’ll concede he probably didn’t actually need 1,000 but even 100 ships would have taken way too much time. So let’s assume he only needed 100.
Let’s also assume he pirates 50 from poor souls nearby.

To build 50 ships would require:
1 year minimum of build time, as long as…
You have 250 tons (average) of lumber per ship.
2,500 builders
And…my favorite part…
50 fully equipped shipyards.

I want to like the show, but these things bug the hell out of me.


I totally agree… I believe it was said that events are moving faster in the show (like how Bran can travel from the wall to Winterfell in one episode), but it seems like weeks or even months are passing between shots. It makes the show a little more exciting, but I’ve come to terms with the show and the books being almost totally divergent at this point.


True, but that makes it seem like everything in between is unimportant.

Also, Arya should have arrived by now in that case.


Well, i’m actually pleased that they keep the essential scenes. If you want more details, you should read the book. Trying to adapt from book to tv show isn’t that easy. If you just copy paste the book, the tv show would took too many episodes full of unnecessary moments of nothing and just pure thoughts.


Maybe she is petyr Kappa


If they only kept essential scenes, I’d agree.

Although, I have to say, Olenna had the best send-off. That made me sooooo happy.


Right?! I thought that she was going to be there before Bran. I mean, wasn’t she closer to Winterfell than him?? And Meera probably had to drag Bran most of the way until they got a horse and a cart (unless Eddison Tollett gifted it them). But, even then, Arya was traveling alone and without really any baggage, so there’s no reason for her not to get there first.


Technically Bran was closer, but she had an easier road to travel and could move faster.


I don’t want to be cruel, but when Bran said to Sansa “i’ll stay here a little bit more” when he was under the tree, i laughed so hard


Came here just to see if HBO died for everybody of if it was just a me thing…apparently it was. I tried to watch but HBO wasn’t showing anything last night until after GOT. I set my DVR to record a later showing both on HD and regular HBO. I really hope I caught this episode! Gotta try not to read all you guys have said before tonight. Man I was so upset last night. We were out until after dark trenching our land and burying cables through pipes and I was sore, tired, and looking for GOT as our reward!


If it didn’t record then this website is the one I use (since GoT airs at 2am for me and I’m not waiting until 9PM the same day for it to air in my country)

However, the added subtitles to S7E3 are really delayed so it might be annoying at first but I just ignored them after a bit.