Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Personally rooting for Tyrion and Jon Snow. Also want to see how Little Finger’s story goes, and hope that Dany and Jon get together in order to rule together. Makes sense to me…and give Tyrion Casterly Rock. That would be my ideal happy ending.

So the book series is not yet finished? So will the writer of the book series follow the TV series, or have a say in the TV series?..hmm, interesting.


Nope, there are two books left. Show creators have broad strokes, but the freedom to change what they want.

Grrm is staying on his path, thankfully.


I was also glad that she killed the High Sparrow, I thought it was a fantastic scene, she needed to do that in order to survive, nevertheless, she got screwed up because of her own decisions, so she basically forced herself to do that. [quote=“TheMountainThatRoars, post:822, topic:77213, full:true”]
I’m really only rooting for Arya, Tyrion, and Varys at this point.

I love them all, but lately they have been too good IMO, you can easily tag them as the “good guys” in GOT. If I remember correctly, every decision they have made has been morally good, plus, they are good guys who most of the time get screwed up, but they come back up and that’s one of the reasons why those characters are so loved. While morally gray characters like Jaime and Daenerys received mixed feelings since they aren’t always perfect and they tend to make bad decisions, and I love characters like that, mostly because they are full of surprises.

Like I said, I love them, but it would be awesome seeing them making questionable choices, like Tyrion holding Dany back because he actually doesn’t want to hurt his family, Arya’s bloodlust creating some family troubles, etc.

I’m also one of those people who doesn’t want to see Game of Thrones turn into a series about the good guys joining up and fighting the Evil Queen and the Ice Zombies, we all know GOT should and is more complex than that.


The books are far more complex. You really should read them.

I want to tell you so many book things. So…yeah…you need to go read

Like Now.


Go now.



I must be the only one rooting for the white walkers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sandor is my favorite still alive character though, so I’m a bit sad that they’re probably going to kill him off soon. :cry:


They are all finally here!

For scale…ignore the dabbing child. :rolling_eyes: The banner is huge. They are 30X50."

Basically I wanted the main houses, minus House Bolton because I’d rather not see a flayed man every day. We only have room enough for 10 banners, and number 9 was a toss up between The Nights Watch, House Tarth, House Frey, or House Tully. Because our house is already super dark from mahogany wood walls and I have 2 black banners already, I wanted something other than black so I said no to Night’s Watch even though I liked it. I went with Frey because I knew my hubby likes castles and grey/blue. Otherwise I’d have chosen the Tarth banner because Brianne:




Absolutely amazing. I need this.


My favorite faction was actually the Wildlings. They pretty much had the most legit grievance of the entire show. They were betrayed when the wall first went up, and the North, instead of doing the right thing and let them pass into safety, just imprisoned them and killed any who tried to cross. The north is all “Wildlings are bad!” and they can’t even remember why, but Wildlings are reminded their entire lives that they can’t cross into safety for no reason. So the hate is sort of justified for them.

Plus all these disparate tribes that typically hate each other more or less managed to horizontally organize(with the guidance of ex-crow Mance Rayder) and create a force capable of climbing or breaching the wall and fighting their way to freedom. Truly badass. Of course they have some shitty behaviors with the raiding and all that. But over all, even their women have a more equal standing in their society than south of the wall.


They look really cool. I wish I had the room for them. :smile:


Arya: Serial killer
Tyrion: Strangled his ex-lover and shot his father with a crossbow
Varys: Tortured the man who cut off and burned his manhood


Eeyup. She’s Chaotic Neutral at best…


I meant morally good in the GOT world, everyone cheered and supported those acts, it’s not like when Jaime attacking Ned or Dany killing all the masters including the ones who were against slavery.


I think Brianne is probably the most blameless of them all. Sadly I am certain she will perish defending the Starks. I don’t care that much for Arya ever since she learned how to take on multiple faces. I just wasn’t that into that vein of story. Now she is on a revenge quest, which is ok…but I just hope there’s more to her interaction with the Hound to give that whole story of hers (and his) depth. Tyrion may die because I like him so much. Normally my favorite characters end up dying in shows.


Maybe fan approved, but I wouldn’t say morally good.


Read The Books.


Fair enough, but I still think that they aren’t morally gray compared to other characters like the Hound or Jaime.


But…I’m sooooo slow at reading.


Neither the hound or Jaime are grey characters. You’re looking at them from your pov, but in Westeros everyone has their own moral compass.

The hound was disfigured by his own brother and it was covered up. Then he watches that brother get knighted. In his mind the whole world is backwards and fucked so he’ll take what he can get.

Arya is similar and there’s the problem. Her dad is killed and sister kidnapped. Later her mom and brother are killed. Her stepbrother is at the wall. Sirio dies and Jaquen leaves. Everything she does after escaping Cersei is done with a single goal in mind. To wipe the names off her list.

“Ser Gregor,” she’d whisper to her stone pillow. “Dunsen, Polliver, Chiswyck, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.”

That’s a long list of people to be considered morally acceptable. Horrible people? Absolutely, but it doesn’t make it okay. Though it’s incredibly cathartic!

Edit: Oh and Jaime pushed a kid out of a window. Yes, he starts to come around, but only a little in comparison to everything else he’s done.


Audio books! It should only take like 200 hours.