Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Oh yeah. The Drama in the North! Littlefinger will definitely be inside her head, buzzing away.

I don’t like show Euron at all, he’s just too reckless to have done everything he’s said to have done and survived.


Here are my small complaints:

I’m surprised with how Euron managed to built such a big armada that can shoot fireballs and have amazing decorations so quickly. Not only that, he managed to move all his ships without getting noticed by anyone in Dragonstone, nevertheless, he apparently knew exactly where Dany’s fleet was going and got there very quickly.

I think this was the writers doing their best to weaken Dany’s army quickly just so we can start worrying about Dany losing against Cersei. So much hype for the alliance between Yara and Dany and now it’s all gone in just one episode. I still loved that battle though!

Also, about the arguments that Cersei uses to convince the other lords, I thought it was okay, but it still didn’t convince me completely.

If Tarly actually respected Lady Olenna and his alliance with House Tyrell, then why the hell did he decided to meet up with Cersei in the first place? Why didn’t he join House Tyrell as soon as he heard that Cersei burned Mace Tyrell, Loras, Margaery and a bunch of innocent people? He’s scared that Cersei might kill him? Oh please, the probability of Dany killing him is way higher if he decided to join Cersei, plus, didn’t he fought for the targaryens before?

That scene between Missandei and Greyworm was unnecessary, it should’ve ended with just a kiss, I really wanted it to end quickly.

Edit: Sorry if this is nitpicking.


IIRC Yara took the bulk of the Iron Fleet so yeah, how does an island with no trees amass that much lumber and build ships so quickly? Then man and arm them AND leave KL and zero in on Yara’s fleet so quickly.

Ironborn vs Ironborn…that fight should not have been so one-sided.

In this regards, show Tarly is much different than book Tarly…that’s all I’ll say about that.


That entire subplot is pointless and I hated it. There’s too much story left to waste time on that.


Arya says to Nym “It’s not you?” when the dire wolf leaves? I wasn’t sure on that line and not sure why Nym would leave. I have been looking for Ghost for the longest time…


She means that Nym has changed completely, the same way that Arya has also changed. Hot Pie asked Arya what happened to her and she ignored him and Arya tried to reach out to her old Nym, but she ignored her, it’s a pretty nice connection. :open_mouth:


I thought the unsullied meant that they had been castrated. I feel a kiss was more than plenty, and her showing herself naked to him I thought was like…would be painful for him? I mean, without testicles a man can’t get an erection, and I don’t think he’d really have much stimulation, enough to have sex, with just what he has. I even wondered if he had nothing at all really and they lopped everything off (this world is pretty dark after all). I don’t think it’s fair to Greyworm. I know he loves her and she I guess loves him back, but that doesn’t mean sex has to be what shows that or proves that. I thought the kiss was like the climax of that moment, and then it all went downhill into unrealistic la-la land for the audience because that’s really what people think love is. Love is not sex.


IIRC, Unsullied are trimmed root and stem.

However, it’s not so much about love as one last act before going off to war. Soldiers throughout the show did that with wives, lady friends, or at brothels. But unsullied wouldn’t because it’s so alien to them other than GW.


They probably had to meet their boobies quota.


When we only have 11 episodes to wrap up this sprawling mess, I’m alright with going G on nudity.


The thing I found the most annoying, is that this episode was just repeating the previous episode.

Not listed in any order:

  • Cersei sitting on the iron throne with Jaimy at her side, trying to make allies, but not actually making any for the moment.

  • Unappetizing Sam scene.

  • Sam gets ignored by the maesters, so he takes matters into his own hands.

  • Jon and his allies argue in that hall in Winterfell. Jon is trying to make his decision clear, but Sansa has to act like a brat in front of everyone and question his ability to make smart decisions. Yohn Royce gets outraged. Lyanna speaks up in a way only she can, and makes Robett Glover nod agreeingly, all while Peter is being a creep in the background.

  • Arya sits at a bonfire. She also gets free food from someone else.

  • Jon and Sansa discuss stuff on that one balcony and gets a message from the queen to come and bend the knee.

  • Peter spots Sansa on the balcony and creeps on her.

  • The Starks tells Peter he’s a creep.

  • Some long time unimportant “important” characters get killed off rather easily.


The scene with Greyworm and Missandei was genuinely surprising, but I guess it’s a way to put a cap on the story line. I kinda dig the whole The Sun Also Rises vibe about their relationship, but it kinda dragged now that I think about it. I think it was just the writer’s trying to wrap it up for the folks invested in that story.

Eh, I mean it was always gonna be weird what with the books not being finished and all. I Honestly didn’t have high expectations for this season given they are pretty much making a large portion of it up as they go along. There’s gonna be some inefficiencies to be sure. Having GoT go sexless in the last season wouldn’t bother me, but it would be strange given their track record.

This made me laugh, it’s true! It’s meetings with Tywen all over again, but more predictable.

Anyway, I just want the Hound to meet up with Arya/Sansa/Brienne, and see what happens. Other than that, I’m trying to keep expectations low.


What have you done to me GOT…


Maybe they’ll kill her off in Iron Fist too…


Ehh now Grey Worm is gonna die. No one can be happy.


Gonna stop watching the episode previews cus I can’t help but look at the comments and see peoples ‘theories’ that turn out to be true and it’s annoying me having it basically spoiled


Yay! Happiness for no one!


LOL! Truth!


This is true, but(maybe I’m the only one) I could find no better ending to the sort of tedious plot around the High Sparrow and Margaery. She was nice and all, but I was sort of glad when the Sept went up. I’m so over King’s Landing Politics. I’m not a fan of Dany, but I wouldn’t mind if she melted the Red keep and the throne to a bunch of rubble. Bleh.


I’m really only rooting for Arya, Tyrion, and Varys at this point.