Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


I love bass heavy dubstep! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM!


I’m a fan a dubstep…'course I’m also a fan of Nickleback so, take that however you will. :sweat_smile:


I believe that Littlefiner had it last? Catelyn gave it to Ned and he brought it to King’s Landing with him to find the person who sent the assassin. After he was taken into custody, Littlefinger took it back. I think that he even holds it to Ned’s throats as he is arrested.


Lol! True.


I splurged and bought 10 house banners for our vaulted ceiling I showed images of earlier in this thread. I figure 2 per open white space and 1 on either side of the stag skull and clock over the fireplace.

Had to buy them all at once because when we go to hang them it’ll be quite the ordeal getting up that high on the ladder, and I only want to do that ONCE.

Husband probs gonna kill me.


pics…when they’re up.


Another trailer!

“The Mads Kings daughter will destroy the realm”

Again, and you burned innocent people and allies.

To be honest, I’m going to get mad if she actually gets support from the other lords, it just doesn’t make sense for them to support her after all she has done, plus, the enemy (Dany) is obviously stronger, so why take the risk? I’m not angry about the fact that she is getting stronger, after all, this season would be a little dull if both sides weren’t even in terms of power, but at least make it believable.

It would only make sense if they agree to help her just because they are scared of her.


If they think she’ll do more for them than Cercei will I’d buy it.


You mean Dany? And I don’t know how she can offer more than her, the Lannisters have a huge debt with the Iron Bank, her forces are weaker than Dany’s, she’s completely untrustworthy after she decided to kill innocent people, which is exactly what the Mad King was about to do and she dares to use the argument of “But she’s the daughter of the Mad King!!”.

I guess I’ll wait for the episode to see how she manages to persuade them and I hope they make it believable.

Edit: Btw, I’m not denying that Cersei can manage to use valid arguments like how Dany has an army of slaves and the Dothraki. Nevertheless, I’m talking about how can they end up trusting Cersei over Dany. In this case, actions speak louder than words, Dany has never killed innocent people while conquering cities and she has freed slaves, while Cersei has done a list of horrible things and almost everyone knows about them.

If I remember correctly, Dany actually has a somewhat good reputation, if she didn’t, then Varys would’ve never risked taking Tyrion to her. So yeah, I can’t see how Cersei will convince them unless she uses her power to intimidate them.


I just got a couple of the GOT banners I ordered in the mail…apparently I accidentally bought 2 Stark banners. Oh well, I should be able to test my iron on one because these banners come folded and in dire need of some kind of ironing…but they are light…so will test. They also are HUGE. They say 50" but you just don’t appreciate how big until you see one in person. These banners are going to totally transform our living room!


Pics when you’re done!

What’d you pay if I may ask?


The price depends a lot on the banner. On Amazon they run typically $11-15 each, but some houses cost $20-25. Example…the Stannis Baratheon banner was like $10 but the standard Baratheon banner I wanted was $20, so I got that banner off of Ebay instead for $12. Same with the Tyrell and Martell banners. Prices seem to fluxuate on Amazon but you can find some deals on Ebay. But overall about an average price of $12 per banner. I will have 10 different banners to hang in total once they all get here, probably by the end of next week I am hoping. The most expensive banner is Bolton, which I didn’t care to have anyway. I preferred Little Finger’s sigil.


Yeah… a hanging flayed man probably isn’t the most welcoming thing anyways lol.


I can’t stop laughing :laughing:


So the water along the sides of the wall are frozen over according to the intro? So… The army of the dead can just walk around the wall?


Also, they brought up the Dragonpit in King’s Landing last week. We’re gonna be there later this season now because of that line.


Snakes are dead. Yay!

Useless scene with GW & M. Boo!

Euron takes Yara/Asha hostage. Boo!

Jon leaves Sansa in charge. Yay!
With Littlefinger…ummmm?

Theon is Theon.

Arya sees HotPie. YAY!

Says goodbye to Nym. Sad!


Overall, I really liked this episode. This honestly felt like a longer episode where I was satisfied with the events in each location. It feels like there is progression in each episode now.

I’m glad the show Sand Snakes are dead, but if this happens in the books then I’m probably gonna be really sad about it.


Even though this is a loss for Dany, I have to admit that I was quite happy seeing Euron killing the Sand Snakes.

Euron is a badass, what a freaking epic entrance, I’m loving him as a villain. Also, that scene between Dany and Varys, GOLD!

Edit: I forgot! Olenna giving Dany advice was awesome to see. :heart:

2nd edit: Ty for the edit!


Just two minutes before the Sand Snakes died, I was telling people that I hope they die. I was pleased.

Disagree, I feel like she’s going to mess it up and do something stupid.

I want them to team up and kill EVERYONE.

He’s feeling comical to me. Like they’re going a little too far :\