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It’s not always fatal in children, some are just scarred from the ordeal.

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(possible book 4 or 5 spoilers below if anyone is avoiding them)

My memory of the books is sketchy, so I could be wrong on this one; but when Euron became the saltwater king / king of the salt throne / whatever those fishy bastards call it, he set out to find and marry Dany.

He also brought with him a horn. A horn that is allegedly from Old Valryria that has the power to control the dragons.

I believe that (in the show) Euron has now set out to find this dragon-horn and plans to use it to stop Dany’s dragons, perhaps even control them. Maybe Drogon will resit the horn and have some dragon-on-dragon action, who knows. The point is the show has not mentioned that horn yet and I agree that the dragons’ days are numbered.


Close, Euron sent Victorian (brother not in the show) to bring Dany to him and gave him the horn that had the power to bind the dragons to him.

Edit: Book spoilers



I don’t think they are going to bring the horn to the show, if the horn actually existed in there, then I think Euron would’ve already talked about it.

And if the horn exists and he doesn’t have it, then I don’t think the show will make him travel very far just to found that horn, in the middle of the war.




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I thought that at first, too.
But I think they’re going to simplify it since in the show it seems too late to introduce something that powerful an object.




Okay, apparently I’m not the only one that caught on that the blade picture in the book Sam reads looks just like Littlefinger’s. The one he used to frame Tyrion, the one that in the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot you can see on Arya’s hip.

Wonder what its importance is besides the Starks figuring out Baelish is responsible for their father/uncle’s death.


I also want to see Arya and The Hound reunited and how they’ll interact. It would be interesting because The Hound has become more “human” like Arya used to be, and Arya is more hardened like The Hound used to be.


It’s a Valyrian steel dagger. If Arya gets her hands on the thing, it means she’ll be equipped to take out white walkers.

I wonder how she gets her hands on it though. Wasn’t Catelyn the last one who had it? She died at the Twins, but clearly, Arya didn’t find it there. I was thinking maybe Cat had left it at the Eyrie after Tyrion’s “trial”, but it feels like a slight detour from Arya’s current path towards King’s Landing. Oh well.

To be honest, I can’t see the dagger reveal all that much about Peter Baelish. Bran however, is going to arrive at Winterfell any time now, and I think that’s when the Starks will learn a bit more about Baelish. :smiling_imp:


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