Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Definitely, they say that many times in the books. But with Greyscale? Just seems odd.


That last scene was beautiful!!

Shall we begin


How badass would that have been if it were the cold open. All that quiet, then she speaks, then…

guitar strum
Dun dun dun dunn


The website I used to watch all the other seasons already uploaded the new episode by the time I woke up so I didn’t have to wait until 9pm BST :smile:

I really enjoyed it, first 4 minutes were really unexpected


If you leave one wolf alive, the sheep will never be safe.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :joy:


Euron: Why?

Cersei: You’re not trustworthy.

#Says the Mad Queen who burned Lannister’s allies and other innocent people!


I kinda forgot Walder Frey got killed so I was really surprised when it turned out to Arya, my memory isn’t the greatest as you can tell :frowning:


That’s a pretty loose term…


Yeah, from Cersei’s point of view, everyone is an enemy, but they did have allies, the Tyrells were providing them supplies and she flushed all that down the toilet. She is slowly destroying her own house.

Btw, that scene of Sam working at the Citadel was so disgusting and it felt like it was dragged for too long. >_<


I was gagging along with Sam during that part


@snowkissed was eating food at that part LMAO


What can I say, I’m brilliant :blush:


I was eating at that part too and my god I wish I wasn’t


I had binged all of the other seasons of GOT so this is the first I’m watching live…the feels when you can’t just go to the next episode…


Fortunately the food I made that looked remotely like what was in that scene we finished eating much earlier…


Just found this, LOL! :laughing:

Edit: I hope the Sand Snakes die, I hate them.


Euron is going to bring them to King’s Landing for Cersei and they’re gonna die. I’m confident.


Good, I don’t care if that is considered a lost for Daenerys, they deserve the worst, they killed children.


Also, Sam may have found out how to cure Jorah. If you pause on one of the pages in the books it talks about drinking dragonglass as a possible cure for illness.

Makes sense, the only person we know of who has survived greyscale was the Princess Shireen. Where did she grow up?
Motherfucking Dragonstone, surrounded by dragonglass.