Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


I can’t sleep anymore, I’m too excited


The thing is, I think the Meeren arc was done to show us that if she wants to successfully rule a city, then she needs to listen to her counselors. Remember, when one of the slave masters decided to retake a city, her first plan was to burn everyone and then she listened to Jorah and made a better decision. With Tyrion and Varys at her side, I think she will learn more about ruling and learn about her flaws, but it all depends on her willingness to listen to them and acknowledge that she isn’t perfect.

Like I said, I think the stuff you said about her are the challenges that she will face in her journey to conquer Westeros.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting the best for her, I also believe she will be one of the characters who will bite the dust and if she does, I hope they do it well.

It would be awesome if she takes kings landing, dies and Tyrion takes the Iron Throne, I mean, GRRM even said that Tyrion is his favorite character, so it might be possible.


Cercei listened to her council and set the realm to ruin. Dany feels she was born to rule, as we’ve seen just being born into succession isn’t enough to guarantee you know how to rule.

Even with the best intentions, if you’re making drastic changes that will affect others who may not want those changes…well ask Jon Snow.

He got revenge, but Eddard, Robert, Renley, Robb, Catelyn, and a multitude of others didn’t.

Dany won’t be welcomed as a queen with 100k dothraki and three dragons. She’ll be just another conqueror, and the smallfolk will end up paying for it.


I feel confident that she was born to be a conqueror and a savior, but not a ruler.

Well it’s certain at least one dragon will die. I mean, right now Dany is OP and needs a nerf. Suspense relies on enemies being on even playing grounds, and right now the scales are too tipped in her favor.

I’m thinking that all three will mostly die, followed by Dany. They’ll probably die in the order their namesakes died, too. Rhaegal first, followed by Viserion and then Drogon.

Plus, one of GRRM’s dedications is to Phyllis, thanking her “for making him put the dragons in.” So the dragons weren’t part of the original plot, and are probably somewhat expendable.

It seems anything or anyone with some magical abilities is a likely candidate to die. The show will probably end with some sort of radical change where there’s a new world, one I assume will have no more magic in it by the end. Or the exact opposite, since in the beginning of the story magic was weak and mostly forgotten.

If the Targaryen line and their dragons were restored to power then that’s not moving forward, but backward. It’s one of the reasons I don’t have hope for her story beyond being a savior.


Yes, Varys said this to Tyrion:

(He talks about how being born for the thrones doesn’t make you fit for ruling)

And they both know she has made poor ruling decisions and that’s why he believed that with Tyrion by her side she could do well. And unlike Cercei, she has a “gentle heart”, like Jorah said:

I can understand why you think her destiny won’t be a pretty one, but I hope you understand why I think it might be the opposite. Nevertheless, in the end, it all depends on how the story goes.

Yep, I completely agree with his, I think she will become a martyr and a new world will be born after the war.


Of course! Having read the books several times I have a very low opinion of most characters when they’re given power, right or wrong. I’m curious to see where the show goes, but it will always be second to how the books end.

If/when that ever happens.


That reminds me, I need to start reading those books, they’re obviously richer when it comes to story and the history of that world.

Edit: Plus, Dany has an awesome bodyguard in there :open_mouth:


Omfg, yes! Please read them!


Feels bad that I won’t be able to watch the episode until tomorrow due to it airing at 2am for me


Doesn’t Beric use a little bit of wildfire to light his sword as an intimidation factor?


Correct! Just needs a spark to set it alight.

Though, things could change for the show.


I just rewatched The Door and I bawled again. God damnit.

Almost ready for tonight!


I’m ready!! :dragon: :fire:


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(Recognize those knights?)

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Five minutes. :slight_smile:


Overall, a pretty good opening.

How the hell did Jorah beat Dany, not only to Westeros but he got all the way to Old Town?


I assume it’s faster for one person to travel somewhere compared to an entire fleet. Also, I agree. It doesn’t feel like all that much happened, but it’s good to ease back into it.

One thing that did surprise me was that Arya is heading south and not north. It makes sense looking back. Remove the threats, get your revenge, and then move on?


Also, I feel like we need to talk about that Ed Sheeran cameo…


No one ever needs to talk about that, ever.


Awwwwwww, I liked it.

It was nice to hear that song.