Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


That would be incredible!


There is a free version of Risk online called Warlight. Haven’t touched it in a while so stuff may have changed, but that is an option.



In case you live under a rock…


I have high hopes for this season…I don’t want to be let down.


Every time I see someone mentioning stuff like “Cersei will probably have anti-dragon weapons”, " Her dragons may die in this season."

I’m like:


Uhhhh, someone might. But not Cercei.


Good good, I’m tired of seeing Cersai getting away with everything, I really hope her stupid and impulsive decisions hunt her down in this season.


Doubtful Cercei will die this season, maybe next one. This season it seems like there’s going to need to be some convincing to her about the threat from the north.

One dragon for sure will die at sometime, probably Viserion since it’s the dragon named after the brother who is dead. I can see Danny dying next season, too. As sad as that is to write. She’s a conqueror, not a ruler.


I just wish they made it all one season, not split into two.

Also, if only it was Netflix, and we could all binge…


All series should follow Netflix’s example, binging is the new black.


All her dragons are named after dead people. Rhaegal is named after Rhaegar, who is also her dead brother, and obviously Drogon, who is named after Khal Drogo and is also dead.


After last season, I realized that I don’t hate Cercei as much as I used to. I don’t really know what it is, but maybe her children were holding her back? At least in the show it seemed that she was just waiting for them to die after Joffrey because it was prophecized. I feel differently about her in the books; the only thing that makes her human in the books is her love for her children.

Maybe it seems like she has a bit of a fresh start? Cleansing by fire and all of that. I don’t know… there’s just something about her now.


But her brother was a dick. And if Jon Snow ever had a dragon counterpart it would be the one named after his daddy.

I feel bad saying it, but I want Ghost to die so Jon can get a new companion…


I’m honestly kind of in the same boat. At least we would still have Nymeria and it would make her special as the last Direwolf. It would be pretty cool to see Nymeria and Ghost meet again though. Like a parallel to Arya and Jon meeting again.


When the lone wolf dies, the pack survives.

looks at Stark track record


True. I kind of interpreted it as how Ned told Arya that in the first book as a way to explain to her how their family is meant to stick together. Especially when winter comes.

So I think if one of the Starks (wolves) doesn’t make it back home they might not survive winter.


I forgot Jim Broadbent is in GoT season 7. I think he’s the archmaester that’s in the shot with Bran in the Godswood in the trailer.

If that’s the case, then he probably first shows up with Sam and Gilly at the Citadel. Then if he’s with Bran back in Winterfell that means he comes with Sam back to where Jon is sometime this season.


Old Nan is my favorite


I feel like Sansa is talking about herself in that quote, too. Not Jon as everyone seems to think. It’s more like she’s trying to tell herself that she needs to stick with her family even if they don’t see eye to eye or she’ll be the lone wolf. Littlefinger keeps trying to separate her from her wolfpack.

That quote was first said in the series to Arya because she wasn’t getting along with Sansa. I really want Sansa and Arya to work together and kill Littlefinger this season.


Marwyn, yep. It’s been confirmed I will think.