Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Confirmed (for TV show)

Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon’s father




this is my dream.




Someone used the Google Maps API to make the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.
There’s also a place to input how far you are in chapters/episodes to avoid spoilers.


Why Alex?

I have work to do today. I can’t go galavanting across Planetos!


Well she got most of em for free via gifts (ironborns) or intimidation (master’s). If she have to pay the crew, I assume high garden, dornish and her own money will keep them fed with iron born running ship maintenance.

Now if we want ridiculous it will be the amount of knights the vale can field in battle, all mounted, heavily armoured and as numerous as the boltons. Even at the height of their powers, the Byzantines, French and Holy Roman empire could only maintain a 1 to I say 100 ratio of heavy cavalry to other units because of the expenses needed. Either the vales is filthy rich or everyone doing public services like the Mongols and the Romans.





I kind of want one of her other dragons to die in battle and be resurrected by the Night King and be an ice dragon…


But I want Tyrion to ride one!


Well, it’s possible Tyrion and Jon will both ride one. I’m still convinced Tyrion is a Targaryen, but I’m not sure if that’s important for the show but at least in the books it might.

If you remember the conversation Arya had with Tywin in the first season about Aegon and his two sisters that conquered Westeros, each riding a dragon, could be another moment of foreshadowing. Only this time it would be Danny and her brother and nephew.


I don’t think Tyrion is a Targ, I think he really is the Bane of Tywin’s existence and that makes his character all the better. I do believe that Jon is a Targ though.

The show has strayed so far from the books though that I have no idea whats going to happen. I just hope its better than Seasons …5 was it? Whatever season Barriston died in. That one was terrible.


Yeah, it’s pretty much fact now about Jon. And I don’t believe he’s a bastard Targaryen either. I think Gilly is going to find a marriage certificate or some sort of record that married Jon’s parents.


You think Tyrion is falling in love with Danny? Or already is?


Gilly can’t read! Exactly how much time has elapsed since last season?!


Nah, well maybe in a vicarious way. She has what young Tyrion desired most, dragons. But in a physical way…no more than any other guy who’s met her.


I picture Sam teaching her so she’s slowly reading out loud, and something she says catches his attention.