Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


I already commented on his and Arya’s teleporting. Keep up, son!


I’m just really curious about what Lyanna decided to actually name “Jon.”


Aemon III.


Aegon… VI? Or will it be VII?

Was Young Griff born after Jon? Because then he would be Aegon VII and Jon would be Aegon VI.


If he really was a Targ, which I doubt. :wink:


This was a good read, most of the interpretations that this person made about the visions that Daenerys had actually happened :open_mouth:


A targ?


Targaryen. :wink:


I know that, silly, I just had to. :wink:


Oh, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHAHAHAHAAH THAT WAS EPIC (for those familiar with Star Trek at least :P) !


Hahaha I would laugh if they changed the iconic Wolf symbol to have boar tusks and a ridge of spikes along its back…I should draw that.


The New Wolf/Targ Sigil of Jon Snow



Damn…that’d be so cool if he had his own sigil…

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but apparently the colours of the Starks sigil was inverted on Winterfell in the intro, and again, apparently that happens when a bastard is holding the castle


I would wear that sigil with pride, Sledge!


Aw shucks.


You know, the one thing I’ve been thinking about most since the finale is how much of The Winds of Winter book did season 6 cover?

I assume we’ll see more of Sam at The Citadel since the show didn’t show anything new from the books besides the meeting of his family and Sam stealing his father’s sword. But, maybe there were some larger plot points that weren’t in season 6, are in the book, and will be included in season 7.



I’m sorry, I say crazy things sometimes…


Omg! I’ve totally blocked Dorne from my memory at this point because of the show. I can’t wait to read about what really happens.


I think my friend was right, Arya is becoming Lady Stoneheart for the show.
Maybe not a zombie version, but a ruthless assassin out for revenge. I bet she’ll team up with the Brotherhood and the Hound soon.