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Hmmm, @Lady_Stoneheart your thoughts?

From what I remember, I think people are reading into it. But it is Gregor, so…


When Cersei wakes Septa Unella by pouring wine on her, she talks about how she must’ve liked beating her and torturing her. I’m confused what else Robert Strong would be doing to her other than beating and torturing her. I’m pretty sure it’s as simple as torture.


She’s a nun.

No wine allowed. No sex allowed.

Guess what happens.


Again, I think that’s people reading into it.

Gregor liked to hurt people. True, he was not above sexual torture/abuse, but nothing they showed made me think things were headed in that direction.


So I asked my wife what she thought, and she agreed with the Internet that the septa was probably going to get the Elia Martell treatment.

So… shrug


Either way, I don’t feel like it makes much of a difference. She’s still going to be tortured and, whether it’s sexual or not, I’m sure it’s going to be horrible.


Good point!


Night King of Pop

wait for it…


From what I gathered, a septa serve the gods with their body and soul. Cersei implied the septa will be of “service” to Gregor and everyone knows how the mountain likes to be service. On top of that the episode try to draw a parallel between tywin and cersei. Tywin did something equally horrible to Tyrion’s first girlfriend and deliberately let Gregor paint his own canvas on what to do with Elia, I say cersei have something similar in mind. Apples don’t fall far from the trees. The only difference is how cersi carry’s herself. You can see how suitably mad it is but if tywin pulls off a rain of castamere, it looks like a political masterstroke in a morally grey world.


Can’t stop watching this scene:

The acting was superb! When Margaery drops the “Holy Queen” act and starts fighting for survival, to the point where she said “Forget about the bloody gods!” and the High Sparrow’s reaction was priceless, you could see that he was surprised to see this kind of response from her.

But yes, this scene shows you Margaery’s fatal mistake, leaving things to the High Sparrow and in the end, he was too confident.


Edit: in mobile i see the pic cut :confused: tell me if you can see the whole picture :frowning:


Tapping shows the whole thing.

I really don’t like the sudden teleporting…


You know… Varys… is Vary fast


Arya too, apparently.

Maybe they both have dragons. How else to cross all the way from Mereen to Dorne and back in just a few days, or to get from Braavos to the Twins in the same amount of time.



Because no one is fast like Arya…(god these puns, plz kill me)


Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the teleportation. They’re really bad at showing lapses in time. Like how, in the same episode, the Great Sept is destroyed and a few scenes later, The Queen of Thornes is in Dorne, wearing black to signify mourning, and has composed herself enough after the death of almost her ENTIRE bloodline to get revenge.


I really think they could have spaced some of these events out. I know Ep10 is the finale but they could have done the great sept in ep 9, and pushed some of the afterward parts to 10 so things flowed a bit better.


What if Varys is a merman? Remember that comment about how he keeps swimming??



Omg yes! How did I not see think of this before?! He’s obviously a merman and hitched a ride on his kraken buddies.


Episode 9 was full Jon and the battle, I think the timing was done alright, not great, but maybe Arya’s whole story could’ve been shortened, so it would make a bit more sense that she’d be there. Varys on the other hand, I guess they just wanted to keep it a secret until the end that the Tyrells and Dorne are joining Dany, and had to rush it