Game of Thrones - General Discussion [Spoilers Inside]


Oh for the love of… Just say it already!


Well, the face of the baby transitions to the face of Jon, so I assumed that confirmed it.


Oh, so the sub were wrong for me then :c


<slightly miffed they gave his scene to Qyburn


Interesting that they make Jon king in the same episode we learn information that could also undermine his claim to lead the North.

I like how they got rid of characters that aren’t going to be relevant in the future. BOOM!




The (receptionist?) that Sam talks to in the Citadel is a danish comedian, so when I saw him I couldn’t help but laugh and hope he wouldn’t be another typical Frank Hvam character. :joy:


Yeah he came out in this movie called Klown that my friends and I enjoyed thoroughly.


Somewhat of a mixed episode for me.
Side note, anyone else got scared when they saw Dorne in the intro theme? I know I did.

There were some very good scenes but the teleportation was just too much for me.
Back in season 4 it was such a big deal for Arya to sail to Braavos and we even saw her on that ship.

Now it’s all like ~Boom~, Arya’s in Westeros now and don’t even get me started on Varys poofing from one continent to the next in the same episode.
Also not sure whether I like the new Cersei. Some people are rooting for her, really? This show was always about showing the viewer all the different sides. There is no good or bad. Only different people with different motives.
Yet here we are watching Cersei’s storyline unfold into becoming a stereotypical Disney villain. She even looks the part.
I really thought this episode would follow up on wildfire’s “unpredictable nature” and have the entirety of King’s Landing burn to the ground.
Also, leading Lancel to the wildfire and then stabbing him there made no sense story-wise.

Ah well. Maybe I was expecting too much from a season finale. They tend to wrap things up, the wowza moments are always in episode 9.
I did really enjoy the library scene though. Didn’t think Sam’s story would be the highlight of this episode for me but it was done really well.

Good god, forgot about that super important scene.
It was nice following up on Bran’s vision of the Tower of Joy.

…But it felt off and a little rushed.
I expected something more grim and a poetic moment between Ned and Lyanna.
Instead it was a bright, sunny room and a few maidens around.
They missed the chance at a big reveal. Instead they made it so that many viewers don’t understand the revelation and it’s not like they can have a go at it again at a later point.


This is really interesting


More like disappointed. Olenna was the saving grace for that scene.


When I saw Dorne I was like : No no please! No more! But then Olenna was there, so everything is fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I kinda understand the reason behind all the rushing on the show, like Dany getting that Dothraki army so fast and easy, so many characters dying so quickly, Varys and Arya’s teleportation, etc. You can tell that the show is ending and they are rushing things up, seeing how much money they have spent on special effects and how much more they need to spent on the future.

I think they can’t waste money on traveling scenes, so their only explanation to this could be that the show doesn’t show you how much time has passed between scenes.


A part of the witch’s prophesy to Cercei:

“You’ll be queen, for a time. Then comes another, younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.”

It’s not Margaery and Cercei actually thought it was her, does that mean that it’s Daenerys? It has to be her! :dragon_face:

Edit: Or maybe it was Margaery after all? You can say that she took Tommen from her and of course, the title, but who knows.


Was this not obvious? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know, every time I see good things for Dany I get scared xD

But if the next seasons focus on Dany defeating Cercei, then it’s going to be epic!


If this indeed counts as Cersei’s first time as the actual queen in that prophecy (so not queen regent) then it’s safe to say Cersei will live for a while longer, at least until Dany arrives.

So no Jaime (or Tyrion) killing her just yet (same prophecy). At least we know that.


Yeah, I got confused by that, but that’s probably the case.


Cercei assumed it was Margaery because she had no knowledge of Dany. Had she not acted on the prophecy the way she did things may have turned out much differently.


I love the internet sometimes.