Game of the year? or other awards


Hey guys,

Bouncing off a discussion on another thread. I had said with all these game delays Evolve has a good chance to run for game of the year (it will certainly get nominated). while it will certainly be my GotY I wanted to know two things:

1: what are its competitors for 2014 in your opinion
2: what is your order for top 3?

for me the competition is Destiny, maaybe watch dogs since it sold ridiculously well, Dark souls 2 got good praise, and dragon age:inquisition.
Top 3: Evolve, Destiny, Dark souls2

Tell me what you think! I forget games sometimes so maybe im forgetting a big one.


Game of the year ?..
Evolve, Watch Dogs, and maybe a Final Fantasy if it releases this year, I don’t know.

In fact I don’t really know which games are or would appear this year… hum…


Where are the awards actually given? Is it like, the oscars or the grammies? But no I do genuinely think that Evolve has a high chance of winning game of the year, despite me being biased about it. It could have been Titanfall, but I thought it would have been game of the year before I even knew about Evolve


well i go off things like ign, gamespot, and metacritic. but i swore that there is an award show for games. VGAs? on spike tv i would assume. I can’t remember.


The VGAs are quickly becoming a joke, so I don’t bother myself with who gets what on their show.


Well for me, the only remote contender is Dragon Age Inquisition. One of the few RPGs that will finally be on a modern engine, Frostbite is amazing looking plus it’ll be nice to have destruction in an RPG. However DA:I will have to be pretty damn mind blowing to beat Evolve in my mind.

I feel like Evolve is going to be like L4D, have a pretty loyal fanbase who love the game but I don’t think it will have the widespread appeal of say, Call of Duty or Battlefield. Lots of people don’t even seem to really understand the concept judging from some Youtube comments on the trailers. But I think the people who do like Evolve will stick around, it looks like TR has built a pretty addicting game.

This is all based on my opinion though and tbh, who cares what random websites put up? I mean I subscribe to PC Gamer but I still can’t help but laugh at the fact that they made Spelunky GotY. Of all the indie games to pick too, it just seemed super random and I see 0 appeal in it. Which is why GotY is different to each person you ask. I also have no interest in Dark Souls 2 as the first was a blatant ripoff of a port on PC and the second looks kind of “meh”. But hey, that’s me. I prefer RPGs like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher, Dragon’s Dogma, etc.

And maybe a bit off-topic, but am I the only one who thinks Destiny looks incredibly over-rated? Just because Bungie made it…Halo was awesome for it’s time but it’s really not all that special anymore and Destiny looks mostly like an MMO version of Borderlands to me. But I’m a PC player, so it really doesn’t matter all that much to me, won’t be getting it regardless.

TL : DR - Evolve is my most anticipated game this year and will probably be the game I compare other games to in the years to come.


yeah destiny is almost too halo-like. what is funny is i think halo…reach? had the power moves they are promoting so much. so it really has nothing new besides they just walk and all a sudden ppl will appear aspect. I imagine the common gamer will not want to run to a pvp match instead of the usual queue up and jump in. 2015 will be insane though. all these setbacks will rollover onto other games that were set to release. so it’ll be a massive war. and ill just be sitting here playing evolve till my eyes bleed…i really hope evolve delivers because otherwise its back to the hellish trap that is league of legends…i want to be done but nothing can pull me away from it! help mee trs help!


I still think Evolve will get GOTY, it looks like the only game this year to actually bring anything new to gaming. I agree that TLOU was an amazing game last year and it had my vote last year, and it won because it was new, and it was epic. Watch Dogs is fun, but not really GOTY material. I still need to check out Murdered: Soul Suspect but I don’t think it will win


Well, Titanfall turned out to be way too short lived for me, and I’m not alone on this. Before it came out, I regarded it as a shoe-in for the next, best thing. Titanfall is not the first hyped up game thats done this, so Im done calling out winners before I even see them play (and really, I should have known better). Even though I have high hopes for evolve, and I loved L4D, there is no way for me to know until I get my hands on it :wink:


GOTY is subjective, man. There’s no “official” metric for the very best game of the year - and the same goes for film, music, novels, etc. GTAV, according to Metacritic, was the consensus GOTY for 2013. GTAV wasn’t my GOTY, it wasn’t even in my Top 5.


yeah its pretty subjective. but to me when i read from multiple sources that a game is either #1 or 2 on their list. then to me that is the winner for the year. for example GTAV and The Last of Us were the top two on most lists i seen. alot of people are still playing both and sales were really high. so to me it was a draw but if i personally had to pick one it would be last of us because GTA games don’t appeal to me. it would be cool if they created some mass player voting system. problem is console/PC exlusives.


To me, GOTY has to be innovative, amazing gameplay with minimal bugs respective to the size of the game, and has to be a game that most people can grab and be impressed with, and there has to be a challenge to the game. I feel TLOU really captured that and I don’t know of anyone who could say that TLOU wasnt amazing and had one of the best stories ever


can’t wait for theTLOU PS4 upgrade!! I don’t know what is taking so long. we get the dlc for it too though.