Game not working

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): connection
Character: n/a
Map/Map Location: all
Game Mode: arcade
Platform: oc

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce the issue or what you were doing when the issue occurred?

  1. When joining a game it will allow charter selection
  2. After select screen blank “waiting for players”
  3. … Players can chat and game times out

Any additional information (pictures, videos, errors codes, etc) to help reproduce or locate the problem?

do you get any specific error?

I have this too sometimes and usually results in “Connection to host has timed out”. Just curious if it was the same for you.

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Yeah it was connection timed out forgot to say.
Persisted though multiple quit and restarts for roughly an hour.

How often do you get this issue?
Can you give me logs please?

I’ll look for logs it’s happened occasionally but nothing unexpected for online until today, a few I spoke with said in game it had happened with them aswell at the same time.
Roughly 13:00 gmt today, only time it’s ever happened like that.
Edit - rephrase, it’s happened as a one off “connection timed out” once or twice today it was around 5 in a row.

You got it five times in a row?! Sorry if I’m reading this incorrectly… ._.’

Yeah :confused: took around 45 min to an hour to get a game.
Back to normal now though.

Hm… I wonder what was causing it to happen… I don’t think our servers were having problems earlier… :sob:
But I’m glad it’s not happening now!