Game Not Giving The Win and The Points After a Ranked Match


Let’s start by taking today as an example for this post:

5 minutes ago i won a ranked match VS a bronze skilled (i’m almost silver expert). we were 3 premade and a random trapper. immediatly after the cutscene where the dropship flies away, i got the black screen with “please wait” for like 5 minutes. it wasn’t certaintly me cause i had 20ms ping at the moment and my friends plus the trapper had like from 30ms to 70ms. so i waited those 5 minutes. After the 5 min i got kicked out of the lobby with the message “lost connection to the host” or something similar. then my friends who played medic and support got kicked out too with the same error. we checked our points, and they were the same as before the match.

ok that can happen (i didn’t know that but ok.)

NEXT GAME (and the following 2 games)

minute 3, my support starts lagging like crazy in game but not on teamspeak. following medic’s lag followed by my lag. 2 minutes of lag have passed and support got disconnected, again, not on teamspeak, only on evolve. ppl in that game start to stand still (where in reality they’re playing we’re just lagging so hard that we can’t even see them). so at minute 6 i am with a total stranger trapper (bronze elite), 2 bots and a stage 3 wraith full hp full armor with damage buff. guess what happened, i lost. the dc’ed guys didn’t lose any points, but i did. 5 freaking points. oke.

at that point i was kinda happy cause that meant servers are lagging cause there are so many people playing… yes… i whish… i go check and there are 300 people playing at that moment. please check the servers. i’m sure something’s broken


Your opinions are duly noted. I understand that you are pretty angry right now so I see your post more as blowing off steam. However, we do not allow bad-mouthing the devs on their own forum, especially when they truly are hard at work on their game, bug fixes and all.


Sometimes they don’t have the time to fix these small issues. Sometimes they got other things on their hands. You need to understand that. They have a job to do and they are given tasks to do.


ok yes, im sorry if that was too much. but i swear to god that’s just cause i love this game so much that i can’t just stand still watching it die. again im sorry.


I appreciate the apology but also take heart, the devs can see this message and they add your concerns to the tlly they work on…and they are working on the issues you have mentioned. Some big stuff is coming down the line to bring in new players so…please do stick around!


that bug has been there for about more than a year, but anyway that was just an example, i would like to see fixes to something that actually matters, like the bug i made this post for. that is frustrating as hell