Game Neuralizer


If you could neuralize yourself to play one video game for the first time again - what would it be?


Skyrim. : D


Tough call. Probably Splinter Cell: Conviction.


Infamous 2

broke my heart so so so sooo bad


Wow, these are not the results I expected at all!


Dark Souls. Most definitely Dark Souls



</Why at all…


I read waaaaay too much into that game before I started, I want to relive it all again, but without knowing what I’m doing.

Also, it’s my favorite game ever (sharing the spot with Evolve), so yeah


The Last of Us.

The feels man.


Every or any game I consider to be one of my favorites.

(i.e Evolve, Shadow Of The Colossus, Halo, Stubbs the Zombie, etc.)

It I had to choose? Shadow Of The Colossus. Definitely that.


Evolve was good, but I’d rather remember “release Evolve” than believe it started off as the horror show of nerfs that is “current Evolve”.


BioShock. Fantastic story with an M. Night Shamalama plot twist. 15/10 would amnesia


Would you kindly?


BioShock Infinite .


A man chooses, a slave obeys. KILL.


Fixed it for you, get with 2016 haha


Definitely Paper Mario 64!! :smiley:

Sorry, I will break the rules:

Soma or any Bioshock game!


Dragon’s Dogma.

Loved it soooo much on the first run through I want to experience it again.


Evolve, easily. My first game as a Goliath was so intense… Even though I hid in a bush the whole time and ran out the clock.


The game I’d love to play again for the first time: The Legend of Dragoon
The game I had a bad experience at launch and would wanna play again: Assassin’s Creed Unity or Batman: Arkham Knight