Game needs a sale, playerbase in bad shape


There’s only like 1500 people playing right now on Steam…this is very sad. For a while it never dropped under 2k and was usually at least around 3k during primetime which isn’t all that great either. Now it is at a mere 1500 people during primetime on the east coast. :frowning:


I’ve been following the Steam charts since launch and 1500 is about average for a weekday. The first week of T4 had a lot more players than usual, but the numbers only dip down really low at off-hours (4AM EST is the low point). People have been posting this same thing the whole time the game’s been out, but I never have trouble finding a Skirmish game on PC. They just had a Steam sale on all 2K products like 2 weeks ago (and held back some DLC skins until after the sale was over).


1,500 is really low for primetime or anytime really. I think it was higher than that even before t4 came out.


Compare it:


I think that the only way to boost this game in popularity is the community. I honestly think that this game is one of the most exiting multiplayer games i’ve played in many years. I’m a video-gamejournalist at a very large Dutch website and from the second I saw this game I was in love. My job has one ‘downside’, I play more games in a year than some do in their life. I kinda get bored of most overly used concepts (I puke on Ubisoft atm) and I really dig original idea’s.

This concept is amazing, but it doesn’t pull the attention of a lot of players. It’s competitive, really hard to learn against good players because of the steep learning curve. I told my team today that I actually miss the time in this game when everyone was running around like headless chicken. When putting 1 point in 3 skills at stage one was actually good haha.

We “the community” are the ones that can do most of the selling. I think this game REALLY needs ranked play and a beginners league that high level players cannot join (max lvl 15). The game already has a good matchmaking on level only, but it kinda needs some improvement. Trying to get this game in the competitive scene might be a good start, but it doesn’t lure the attention of good players.

This or make the game free to play in like a year with the same price model they have now + boosts, make the leveling 4 times slower than today, unless you buy a boost. Give all the players that actually bought the game content that matches their buying price for their loyalty. If this game wasn’t so freaking expensive for the content it offers a lot of big names wouldn’t be so pissed off by it and the game would have sold two, maybe three times as good. 2K kinda cut themselves this way, somebody had to have said that this game is worth 40 euro’s from the start and they ignored it completely. It’s not like they had to invest in an amazing storyline, actors, and make giant singleplayer levels supporting the multiplayer. I mean, ever match is different from another, but it’s the same game over and over. I don’t mind, but a lot of players do. Asking 15 euro’s for one monster is insane, although a lot of players did buy it. Asking 20 euro’s for 4 new hunters is insane, but people still bought them. It means the content is good, but it scares off potential buyers. I mean, its a little like go-cart racing. 18 euro’s for 15 minutes is a lot of money, but once you race, you kinda think that it was worth it. With Evolve this is kinda the same. Extra content = more depth in gameplay.

Don’t forget though. This game only requires 5 players for a match. Even when 500 players still play the game, this will guarantee matches. Played Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory almost ten years ago. Was top 100 in that game for quite some time. 63 wins and 3 losses in ranked matches, over a thousand matches played in unranked matches. In the end only a few hundred players still played on console (first xbox) PC lasted a while longer. Because it was 2 vs 2 that wasn’t a problem. When the xbox 360 came out Splinter Cell: Double Agent came out with 3 vs 3 and at that point Chaos Theory began to plummet. If you wanted a match you had to wait between 10 and 30 minutes for a team that joined and stayed.


It’s more of a concept than a full game though, the ending is even unsatisfyingly open ended. As a modern day Rampage or companion to Incredible Hulk, Ultimate Destruction, Prototype and Infamous it works but it’s 4 vs 1 death matches on different maps with slightly different variations on the theme: protect the minions until they birth, hide and fight until you get to level three, the actual campaign is quite brief… I mean, I like the game but it’s more of an constantly adapting concept than a finished straight to shelf game like Arkham Knight is going to be.

I get this is basically a start up releasing their first project without big studio backing and they are having to tinker with it while adding more incentives for continual investment by the userbase after basically saying at the 11th hour most of their bonus features would cost a lot more as would future characters and those releases would take months… this works for episodic games released by Telltale but it doesn’t work as well when sold to console gamers.

I do hope this project can continue to be successful so the concept can develop further and a more complete sequel or game of the year release will include a more total package when it hits the racks but I can’t blame the userbase for diminishing if people are checking out because they don’t want to pay even more when there’s straight heat coming out soon like MKX, GOW Remastered, GTAV for PC, Dark Souls 2 re-release, State of Decay re-release and Arkham Knight on the horizon.


Evolve+Behemoth for $38. They send you a code to upload Steam.

Send some out to your friends.


I did. On Feb. 26 a Thursday the game hit over 6k players. Could be an issue with nicer weather finally being here for many but I doubt that’s all of it. That was 2 weeks before the new stuff came out.


A lot of players don’t trust 3rd party sites, or know of them. You can get the complete game + behemoth for a low price indeed. No clue what happened to those Behemoth key’s but you can buy them for about 2,50 euro. It’s 15 euro ingame. And they work. Tier 4 hunters do still cost the same, but you don’t want to buy those when you first buy the game. Get to the third tier first to see if you still actually like to keep on playing.

I fear that I will lose some of my Evolve friends once they got their last Elite skin and stop playing. They already don’t want to play the classes that they got on Elite, so pretty big chance that they will stop once they get all of them. I simply play what I like and I work hard to get those masteries that actually improve your gameplay with that character. Some bonuses aren’t that great, take Slim’s masteries for example. They are ok, but not game changing, where Caira’s masteries are much better, same like Bucket’s masteries. The Elite skin is your badge to be proud of. It shows that you played that character and focused on lots of elements regarding the gameplay. It doesn’t mean you are good, but it shows you have experience. Why stop playing that character once you got it? I dunno…


This game is awesome but has so many bugs and server problems and needs to be fixed before the player base can grow, I’m sure people got fed up not being able to play what they want. And when they do get the character they want the game bugs out…


I’ve never played the game to get everything to elite status I have certain things with 3 stars with Monster and a few Hunters that’s all I really care about. Seems odd some people find that the main draw of the game. I know of one guy that got everything to elite then pretty much quit the game it seems like…it’s like wtf…what’s the point.


Being a round-based MP game doesn’t stop one from being successful.

Battlefield was honestly a better game before they started shoe-horning in CoD style singleplayer in a game where nobody cares about singleplayer.


niche game my friend. Prolly won’t get players even if there was sale.


You’re talking about the first weeks after launch. It was consistently that high then - and anyway you can see on the charts that Feb. 26 had the lowest average players from a consistent amount that week, so I’m not sure why you pick out that date. There were 20k players on Feb 14 & the all-time peak is 27k on launch day. March had an average of about 2.5-3k at peak and 1-1.5k at off-hours, then the new content came out and it stayed closer to 3k most of the time for the first week, now it’s back to normal.


I know a lot of people that would buy the game if it went %50 off. They think the idea is cool but don’t have the money / don’t want to support money grab games.


That’s what happened with all of my people - they would like the game, some were excited about it, but won’t support the pricing model.


Feb 26 was barely over a month ago it’s only early April. You said the game was dead until T4 came out. It had more players before T4 came out than it does now. The new hunters came out on March 12 so the game spiked for a little, and now has dropped lower than it was BEFORE the new stuff came out. . How can you not see a problem there. The game goes under 1k players later at night sometimes.


Power Unlimited? Or

Or is it classified? :sweat_smile:


there were already sales… ^^ this game needs patches, better matchmaking for keeping or increasing playerbase. a lot old player quite because of this.


InsideGamer actually :stuck_out_tongue: I do the Let’s Play’s and specials. Little low on game releases atm, and we are winding up for the new website so my workflow is a little low. But for a couple of years there it’s the job you need to work hardest for, but the tradeoff is well worth it :slight_smile: