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Hey just figured I would make a thread about this because I didn’t really see any others. We know we are getting hunt but that’s it as of now. So what about a game mode where you play as the hunters and you fight off wildlife that gets increasing harder from an objective? Just imagine 5 megamouths coming at you and you just have to mow them down (maybe every one can play as what hunter they want like 4 assaults) or maybe some type of Co op monster mode where you have to destroy a settlement together and kill the local villagers. There not as strong individually as the hunters but there’s a lot more of them that are pissed off and have guns. I just love the idea of going into one of those settlements and smashing everything as Goliath. I mean if you think about it the game mode would tie into the story because the hunters get sent in to stop a rampaging blood thirsty monster from attacking settlers, so how about playing as the blood thirsty monster attacking settlers cool right?
What do you guys think?

New maps and Game modes
Multi Hunt

I do agree that a fun side mode would be something completely coop.

However, what if we gave it that Evolve twist? Not sure how (or if it’s necessary) to explain it lore wise, but I think it’d be fun to have a mode where the hunters AND a monster take on the wildlife, as you said. The goal would still be to defend an objective but the monster player would be kind of like your “superweapon” but at the same time it’s health won’t regen, and then simply make it so wildlife corpses decay 3x as fast so that only at the end of waves can you maybe grab a few meats to regen some armor.

You’d need to call the monster player over to deal with some charging Tyrants or Dune Beetles, while there would be too many reavers or trapjaws for the monster to deal with all of them and they’d nip away at valuable armor so the hunters would be best suited for those.

It’d be kind of a fun “we’re all on the same team now” game mode I think.


I do like the idea of a “Horde” or “Survival” style game mode but wouldn’t that make the Trapper’s Mobile Arena a bit redundant? I mean, the creatures are coming towards you in this game mode, right and not running away? There would be no reason to trap them other than trapping yourselves inside with the attacking enemy. xD

That being said though, I DO like the idea of a rampage mode where you just go around destroying everything! :smiley:


What if you want to keep the creatures in the dome until the dead hunters come back or until Val heals everone? If anything Maggie becomes useless unless she can get to incapted allies fast.


I think monster level progression really limits how the game can work.

A lot of the monster’s power level is gauged through that sorta time metric, and balanced around collecting things.

So sorta like with mobas you’ve gotta deal with progression limiting design, and how you “slap chop” progression away into a sorta salsa.

If you don’t deconstruct the things that, that progression balancing is doing for you, and for the pacing of the game, and do that to a fine enough level…you’re going to have a crappy salsa.


Well I don’t know, the dome DOES have a very big radius. Either you’d have to throw it very far and quite precise in order to catch only the creatures in it or you would have to throw it when you’re near them and get stuck in there with them yourself!


Kinda of like the monster when it is fleeing. Also just jetpack to a high ledge or throw the dome and run the opposite way. Will have to see when alpha comes.


There are other game mode idea sections, I like your ideas though :smile:


I would like a mode, or this could just be a unique map existing in the current mode, where the monster attacks a residential area full of civilians. There is no wildlife to feed on, only people. The hunters are tasked with evacuating civilians and taking down the monster.

What would make this interesting is that the hunters can more easily and meaningfully restrict the monsters food source. I imagine it would be a faster paced mode.


YES ! I took time to write some mod ideas !..

The Last Stand

4 humans, no respawn
1 playable monster + some wildlife

The Nature wants to kick colonists out !
Humans stay inside the generators room and fight a wave of big monsters plus one stage-1 Goliath (with reduced life, eventually)

If they succeed, there will be another Goliath but evolved to stage-2 plus waves of little monsters.

Then, the final attack of a fully armored and evolved Goliath, alone.


Monsters and time-over skilled Goliath attack the room and humans simply have to resist as long as they can.

4 humans (with respawns, no incap’ possible)
1 or multiple playable monsters

Welcome to the first Shear’s Arena Games !..
Now, it’s the monster(s) who has to survive as long as possible under the famous dome of an infinite arena mobile.
Dead humans quickly respawn inside the dome.


Mentioned these on an earlier post.

Round Robin Versus

How it works

  • Targeted at solo players
  • Focuses on having skill at playing both Monster and Hunters
  • 5 players are matched into a lobby together
  • Each player takes a turn being the monster while the other 4 are assigned a random Hunter class
  • Whichever Monster wins the quickest game will wins the match.
  • If no monster wins, whichever survives the longest wins.


  • Length: Players will have to commit to an extremely long session considering a game can go 20 minutes plus overtime meaning a match (5 games) could easily be over 90 minutes if not longer.
  • Apathy: Players who do poorly on their turn at Monster and lose any chance of winning will likely quit or play apathetically as a hunter.

Team Versus

How it works

  • Targeted at teams of four players
  • Players need to have skill at at least one of the hunter classes and at least one player on the team needs skill at playing the Monster
  • Coin flip for which team will go Monster side first. The Monster team should then choose their monster player among themselves
  • Teammates of the Monster spectate from the Monster’s view, cheering him on and providing advice / info
  • The other team plays as their predetermined hunter classes
  • Match continues until a team wins by two
  • This means a team will have to win as both Monster and Hunter side in order to win
  • If you win the first two games, you win
  • There should probably be a game limit (I think 4 is a good number) where if you reach it and it’s still tied (2 - 2) then the match is a tie


Monster Vs. Monster

In this mode two monsters will attempt to kill eachother in the wilderness. However, there is also a group of 4 hunters trying to kill both monsters. Because there is a limited food source it is impossible for both monsters to reach stage 3 and as such they will be aggressive with eachother. There is no way for them to communicate so, while possible, it would make it difficult for them to team up. If a monster eats the other monster it restores a lot of health and fills the evolve meter to level 3.


Classic mode.

Hunt mode takes place in an 8 bit top down universe, being able to select at least one character, you’ll need to track down player 2 who has selected a Monster, all while this song is playing in the background:


Ooo a map where the map’s “wildlife” is PEOPLE. Kinda dark, but I like it


I was playing injustice and was think a only hunter mode were you play to kill Goliath then kraken then the 3rd monster and get new skins more xp ex…


That’s an interesting idea


Again I’ll throw it out and say Mother Mode. One fully evolved monster and one level 1/2 monster with a full group of hunters. Killing the lower level monster gives the Mother an attack and health boost though so it would be challenging to keep the baby alive while it’s tearing into you, unless you want to take on a “rage mode” level 3 Monster.


Nest Protector
There are 3 nests scattered around the map that the monster has to protect. The hunter’s goal is to destroy all of the nests before time runs out or the monster kill them all. The monster would have a hard time playing since they would have to balance defending the eggs and hunting wildlife so that you can grow stronger.


How about a mode where you play as wildlife? You are given a random wildlife creature and the hunters/monster must find you.
It is similar to Prop Hunt. Attacking AI wildlife will cause you to be targeted by other creatures. You must find the player controlled creature.
It is either 4 hunters vs 1 wildlife or 4 wildlife versus 1 monster.
A guardian mode might also work. Protect an individual. If they are killed, monsters win.
A labyrinth type of mode/map wouldn’t be bad imo. The hunters must escape the labyrinth while being chased by other monsters (preferably a minotaur).
My ideas anyways :smiley:


2v8, it be hell but maybe interesting lol but feel like if all 8 targeted one it be over to quickly but could still be neat concept, wouldn’t mind seeing something thing like a gauntlet, hunters trying to out run the monsters and make it to safety, maybe like a 2v4 scenario for that one, the possibility seem endless though can’t wait to get hands on it see what in store