Game Modes to Keep it Fresh

I’ve read a whole lot of different game mode ideas in the forum, and I think it would be very helpful for the developers to see perhaps a top 5 mode ideas that the community would like to see put into the game. So, I thought to create this thread to help narrow down the top 5 ideas and see if we can come to a general consensus on what we’d really like to see as mode options.

However, at first I’d like to keep it simple without concise plans of implementation so we can save that discussion for later. For example…duel monster mode or survival mode. Both of these mode ideas can be expanded on in a multitude of ways which we would discuss later. This thread will be for the main idea concepts in and of themselves.Think Defend, think Nest…simple overall ideas but could be implemented in several different ways. I will add them to this list, we can vote on them, then expand on the top 5 ideas and vote of what we decide on for implementing them.

Dual Monsters
Monster VS Monster
5 VS 5

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Chase - Flip-flops between humans and monster running to a specific location, using mutliple elements of both their armaments and the environment to impede the progress of the other.

Hmm. I’ve still only really played Hunt. ^.^

Horde Mode- Monster and Hunters team up to face off against an undending horde of evil. Mammoth Birds, Sloths, Armadons, Mammoth Birds, and more Mammoth Birds.

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Those mammoth birds though…

Oh good, Shin’s here. I was getting worried, your comments were all 44 minutes old at least.

No one to talk to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monster vs Monster

Clash of the titans!!

Closest we have to that, is when 2 monsters spawn in 1 match. Hunters are often screwed though.

This might be hard but i kinda want to see all the hunters face all the monsters at the same time like almost a defend or massive hunt

I’m still mostly playing hunt. I think rather than new modes, they should focus on improving hunt. The player base is a little too thin right now to be spread across different game modes.

Anyway, +1 for horde.

Kinda would classify that as kinda a gauntlet? so I’ll add that.

Almost like the ending cutscene of evacuation when all the hunters and monsters battling

Hey sledge could you please close my arena mode poll and move it as a suggestion here? It was massively successful IMO. I’ll post the link in a bit

Got it! Gonna add it now.

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Thank you ^.^

Do you think that a defend mode for the monster would work? Not so much as Nest mode, but more like the monster has to defend a queen (The monster that lays the eggs) with a minion or two?

How about a race mode, multiple monsters trying to stage up. First one to finish and reach a goal/generator/survivor/etc wins.

*Dual Monsters

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5 v 5 - A mode where a team of four hunters and one monster can take on a second team. Allocation of resources, cooperation and team dynamics would certainly get interesting. Or, chaotic, but it would be fun, no?

I also liked the suggestion of a way to make a mode where all the hunters / monsters could be used in some way. I think that any way that might allow more than five people into any one game might present some ways for the community to expand.