Game modes ideas


Name: Clash
Basically it will be 4 hunters vs 4 hunters.
Name: Tamed
2 hunters and 1 monster vs 2 hunters and a monster.
Will update soon



Here him out

Sure everybody wants a MvM and a 4Hv4H but everyone’s ideas are different


Well, I’d love to hear more. ^^;;


I’d really want all gamemodes to reside within the boundaries of lore. Neither of those do.


picturing Abe and his urge to get revenge against the other hunters since they hurt each other all the time XD orbital, napalm, and abe wanting to do something with the chips so that markov can zap them.


Gameplay wouldn’t work well together like this. This game was geared towards hunters being effective against a monster, and vice versa.
What happens when we have harpoons, or how would Sunny’s shield drone stay alive by someone just shooting it down quickly? Or even EMET’s drones. How would Slim hit a hunter enough to heal, or keep his own drone on an ally? In all honesty, it’s better just to go to another game that’s actually made for combat against like characters.


I can imagine this and it would be super crazy.

Bucket’s sentry guns killing other hunters and Daisy burning everyone xD


4H vs 4H

Orbital barrage too OP :smiley_cat:


Tamed, would be like a caged dog fight…that’s abuse!


Just one question.

Lore wise… Why would they fight eachother?


Just because?


I don’t. 10 char.


Okay fine, Almost everybody


I still wouldn’t say that.


I don’t either. It doesn’t make sense from lore standpoint. Or even a balance standpoint.


Lore wise…: why? There is nothing to suggest they would turn on eachother.


A’men to that.