Game mode suggestions


I have two game modes that I think would be a blast:

Survival of the Fittest
All of the players are monsters. They have to compete for a limited food supply and fight each other. The last monster standing wins.

Colony Hunter
Assuming the monsters have some kind of hive setup, have the hunters go on an objective based, multiple area mission. For example, the hunters have to break into the hive as their first objective, then they have to kill x NPC monsters, then they kill the eggs, etc. All the while the monster is hunting them.


Both games sounds like a great time. I also thought about doing the Monster v Monster combat, but not exactly like yours though. Another thing is maybe increasing a game size, like make it 8 vs 2. So have 2 monsters and 8 hunters.


Moving this to general so the whole forums can get in on it :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hopefully others like my idea :smiley:


A monster “king of the hill”?


Ooo, that would be fun!


Sorry to disappoint, but the players all being a monster idea has been said on another game mode thread about month and a half ago. That hive idea seems interesting, though people who are just joining forums now you are repeating threads that have already been done repeated a few times already


The players all being a monster as a free for all would be cool, but I added the extra limit on the food supply.


I like both of these ideas. The colony one would be interesting. It would be a fun to have a mode where the hunters have to work quickly to do something or else face the wrath of the monster.


How about a *Reverse Hunt* mode?

3-4 monsters looking for one (or 2 maybe) hunter(s) with buffed abilities. Longer cloak and jetpack maybe, with some sort of objective to pull off (maybe plant a bomb (or a few) to destroy the monsters if you want a plot that makes sense. :P)


Came up with a game mode, Pack Mode. As the name implies more than one. I was thinking that this would could be a 4v4 game mode. You have the 4 hunters and then you have 4 small/medium monsters. Just like the hunters they will be a bit different from each other. However not sure if in this game mode these 4 small/medium monsters should be able to evolve once. I would like to see a side to the monster side where its co-op and not just one person by themsleves. Just as an example, monsters that look like wolves/worgs/those dogs from avatar. Please give some feedback, reading through Andrew’s idea this is similar to his idea


What if there was gamemode akin to Survival in left 4 dead where the 4 hunters are seiged by increasingly difficult waves of NPCs and dumbed down monsters. Supplies are scattered around to help them survive


Hardcore Hunt Mode:

  • reduced glow from monster tracks and range at which they can be detected,
  • slightly increased feeding time, evolve meter and staging up time
  • no highlighted wildlife from scent ability, just a light scent cloud the follows creatures
  • no startled birds way points
  • reduced hud