Game Mode Idea


I don’t know how interested people would be in a game mode like this but here it goes. We currently have the 4 v 1 with hunters vs the monster. What if we had a mode where it was 4 v 1 monsters vs an anti monster robot like a Jaeger in Pacific Rim. With 4 monsters available you could have all 4 of them face of against this giant robot in a last stand of sorts for the humans. The monsters would have to avoid the wrath of the robot while they advance to stage 3 before squaring off against their foe. When all living monsters have attained stage 3 evolution several power relays would become vulnerable throughout the map and the robot would now have to protect them for a set amount of time or until all 4 monsters are defeated. The robot would be able to have its one evolutions through upgrades, but it has to return to base allowing an opportunity for the monsters to feed and evolve. This could perhaps be an expansion DLC down the road.

What do people think?


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