Game mode idea queen hunt


Look imagine a reverse defend the hunters have to kill the queen and as they progress the have to wait for a airstrike to destroy wall blocking the path but they have to destroy the first layer them selfs and they would have to survive constant swarms of stage ones in the mean time the player monster would help distract the team or damage rocks by the wall to make the part the hunters have to destroy stronger so he would have to balance his time one the hunters pass two walls there would be a huge fight against the queen with scripted moves and a bunch of stage ones along with the player monster they would have to kill the queen before the time runs out and the mister would have to kill them or run the timer out there would be to teams of hunters at the same time please do something like this


I think you could tie this in to the game somehow. Although Evacuation is about getting civilians off the planet, you could have a scenario where if the hunters’ points after round 4 are higher than the monster’s then the final mode is an assault on a huge monster nest or a Queen like you suggest.


Dude that’s a great idea


I was just thinking something like this a few days ago. maybe have 4 Destroy Maps. Kraken Lair, Goliath Lair, Wraith Lair, and Behemoth Lair.


What do you mean destroy maps


Like how the monster has to destroy the generators, the hunters have to destroy something on the map to destroy it.


I think it’s a cool idea you’ve got! I think one of the main issues would be the fact that all the monster has to do is kill all the hunters. In defend, the monster starts out so strong and the hunters have unlimited lives. Would they be unlimited here, as well?


You mean destroy the nest or the leader of the nest?


One question,
What will the monster be doing during that time?


The monster could kill all 8 hunters or run out the timer an while the hunter wait for the strike theonater could distract them from destroying the wall or build the walls defence or stage up


You could always give each class maybe 3 lives. But the catch being, when one dies he’s dead for good. For instance, say markov is killed, then you could pick a different assault to jump in. And markov would be gone for good.

I think it could work, details would have to be fleshed out of coords. We may be on to something.