Game mode idea extinction


I think that they really have to make a game mode with more than one monster I don’t care what you would have to do but please just make some monster team work like just think Goliath and kraken working together and you could make a monster that can support the others like a support monster call the mode Extinction three monsters vs twelve hunters on huge maps this would make the game soooo much more intense with huge battles


Y’know, all of these Multiple monster game mode Ideas sound pretty amazing. They should add this if they can.


I know right they just have to it would be sooo fun


It would be more unbalanced than 4v1.

3 Assaults + Damage Amp + Stasis Grenades and Harpoon Traps + Orbital Barrage + Bucket’s Sentries = 1 Monster dying rather quickly, while Lazarus plays Hide and Seek with any dead teammates, cause there’s rarely going to be a chance to eat them with 10 other characters to stop you.

Trouble finding the last monster? Daisy, Bucket’s UAV, Griffin’s Sound Spikes, and Abe’s Tracking Dart have now made it extremely easy.

Making the map bigger makes it take longer to traverse, it doesn’t balance much of anything.

Assuming all 3 monsters attack at once, which would ensure a Hunter or two does go down, they just caught up in the splash damage from Parnell, Hyde’s Grenades, and Markov’s Lightning Gun, Abe’s Stasis Grenades, a single freaking Dome (which makes it harder to take down with any of 3 potential Hunters setting it up), Bucket’s Rocket’s, Hank’s Barrage, Caira’s Napalm, with assistance from Lazarus’ many sniper shots.

Not to mention throwing any of the new Hunters into the mix.

I could be wrong, but I feel it’s extremely unbalanced compared to normal gameplay.


The speed at which monsters could down players would be crazy. Especially if the monsters coordinate with each other. Its got potential.


I kinda laughed a little at that it’s kinda funny to think about but with three monsters it’s a bit of chaos and Mabye they would buff the monsters and if the monsters were well coordinated it woul be preatty difficult to counter like imagine lightning strikes lava super nova constant knock back there would for sure be balancing issues but they could work it out


the hunters would be crammed into a tiny space, there are only so many ways for them to effectively navigate, and the monster aoe attacks would be devastating.

Imagine 3 goliath’s leap smashing over a cliff at the hunters below, even if they only instant kill 3 that is decisive, and not even personal shields can counter the shear power of 3 rock throws.


But big maps and bigger domes would even it out and the team would have to split up there would not just be one big battle but multiple battles and think about it both sides are op and it would be so cool for like three battles going on at once and like the combos of the hunters


I’m just imagining a Krakken flying a Goliath into battle like a helicopter bringing in a tank.


And wraith as their cloaking


Why would the teams want to split up when they have a vastly high chance of victory?

It would end up being one giant battle because 2 monsters would have to try to rescue the poor sap that the entire group chose to target, to have any hope of victory for them.


I’m saying what if the monsters split up the hunters could too like to big groups or three small ones


What would motivate the Hunters to split up?

Also, having 3 games of Hunt on the exact same map sounds incredibly terrible. The 12v3 concept of a mega-battle sounds interesting, but too much favors the Hunters.

You can try starting the Monsters as Stage 3, but that removes the “3 games of Hunt” and still turns it into a single mega-battle, which favors the Hunters.

If there’s an objective of any other kind, like Nest or Rescue, teams might split up, lowering the Hunters odds, but then you’d have to scale back the monsters Stage.

There is too much in this mode to balance it pretty evenly. Either the Hunters are all together, which greatly increases their odds, and is also what most players would do, or you split them up and it becomes a waste of a mode.


Would be a lag-fest no doubt. I do like the idea of more monsters and hunters. A hunter vs hunter mode, a monster vs monster mode, and a 2 monsters (weaker I guess) vs 4-6 hunters. Also I’d like to see a horde mode, vs waves of enemies. Not sure if it would be strictly PvE or if it would be possible to add some sort of PvP factor.