Game Mode: Horde

Your classic wave style survival… in Evolve.
Hunters are tasked with one mission, survive.
But wait! This whole game is based of the idea of player controlled boses, so…
The monster however, well, the monster got educated, studied a little o the side, and now he is an AI director!
So hunter would survive in an arena, and the monster (now a player conyrolled AI director) would spawn fauna outside the dome.
The hunters would either be a standard team(medic/support/trapper/assault) or an only assault team with health regen. The hunters health would be reatored every round, but not strikes.
The AI director would be a lot like playing plants vs zombies. You get a certain ammount of currency to spend and you get more every wave, and small wildlife would be cheaper than big wildlife. Oh and did I mention that you could also buy minions. The AI director could also spend his currency uprading a certain wildlife to have a greater chance of being elite(referring to increase health and speed not perk)
Let’s say the AI director gets 500 currency at round 1. But will gain an extra 20 currency added every round the hunters win. So currency gained= 500 +20 × the number of rounds hunters have won. AI Director has to spend at least 300 at round 1, increasing by 10 every round to qualify every round as a round so that way the AI director doesn’t juat save up for stage 3 (you’ll see later).
10- Stryders
30- Reavers
30- Phantom
40- Mammoth Birds
40- Cephaladon
40- 3 Venom Hounds
70- Dune Beetles
70- Armadon
100- Mega Mouths
100- 5 Trapjaws
200- Nomad
200- Crowbill Sloth
300- Land Tyrant
500- Goliath Minion
500- Kraken Minion
500- Wraith Minion
500- Behemonth Minion
500- Tier 5 Minion
5000- Player Controlled Stage 1 Monster
10000- Player Controlled Stage 2 Monster
20000- Player Controlled Stage 3 Monster
The player controlled monsters would come seperately by themselves, so no gettimg backup from wildlife.
Basically you would pay double the cost of how much the wildlife costs to increase that species’ chance of being elite by 10%.
So yeah, the way I see it, it would be fun no matter what side your on and would obviously get increasingly more difficult as the rounds go on.
What do you guys think?


Stryders are peaceful and don’t attack anything and where’s Crowbill Sloths?

Seems cool but honestly I don’t see something like this happening because they don’t want players to rely on AI.

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I cant believe i forgot crowbill sloths! Stryders would run directly into the hunters and get in there way. That’s why they’re cheap.
I really just want a horde mode, and I know how this game is based off of non AI boses so I thought I would mix up the whole survival type genre. Besides, I think it would be fun being the AI director, it is fun playing the zombies in pvz so I imagine it being similar.

I don’t see this happening. Where’s the lore fit in here? What’s the explanation behind it? And how would it fit into evacuation?

It doesn’t need to fit lore, I don’t think any other game modes need to except a campaign. As far as evac, I thought evac was done adding game modes.
This would just be another way to play, it’s like an extended arena match. Just learning your hunter you know? :smiley:

How about a modified version where hunters and monsters team up? :smiley:

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I’ve thought about this a little. Wouldn’t the hunters just kill food for the monster and the monster would have infinite armor? I mean there would eventually be so much wildlife the monster couldn’t eat but that would take a while.
It’s not very common you see a horde game mode have waves full of something that keeps you alive rather than killing you. Oh and kraken is way to good in this because wildlife dont have ranged attacks. I guess you could turn off eating?
If you have any ideas to make that work better that would be awesome, because I would really like to see something like that. :smile:

Only suggestion:
Move Mammoth Birds from 40, to 100,000.
Hunters vs. Horde of Mammoth Birds.

To defeat Mammoth Birds! :open_mouth:

Simple, disable eating for armor. :stuck_out_tongue: Could give the monster a slight passive health reg buff to even it out.

To end the mammoth bird menace?

I feel that any game mode from here on out needs to fit the lore and add to the experience. And it should be implemented into evacuation. At least two more modes are needed for evacuation. 5 days, 5 modes.

I guess that would do it. It wouldn’t make make much sense but it would be fun! :smiley:

Then, what about Arena?

Yeah that’s right, derailment inbound…

I’d love to see this type of mode.

You want lore? I got lore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Th hunters have just defeated a monster, but have lost all communications with the ship(I know it wouldn’t make sense if bucket is playing but whatever). So, the hunters have to stick it out and wait until communication is restored. There would be some interesting dialogue available at this point with how each character would react to loss of com.
I can see Slim saying “We’re fucked, we’re fucked” and Sunny countering with “We can do it, stay cheerful!” and Crow just standing there like, “Just like before, kill the stryders, they are easy to cook.”
Because the monster is now out of the area, it restores the wildlife’s former behavior of attacking everything(probably not canon but this is my game mode darn it :angry:).
So, yeah, just hold out as long as possible. I would say there would be 50 rounds(because 48 is the earliest round possible that AI director could get Stage 3 monster if spent minimum currency in all previous rounds) and then the hunters would regain communication, get picked up and saved(if they survive of course).

I feel as though this would be possible. It’d just take awhile to program, code, etc.

Hence my “from here on out” comment. The devs even stated that it didn’t go with the lore and they weren’t sure if they wanted to keep arena before it released.

But yes, anything from this point, I feel needs to be implemented into evacuation.

Yeah… mostly the AI director side of it. It is probably the most different game mode compared to everything else.
Nonetheless, I hope it happens.

Don’t see it happening, too much AI required.

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