Game Lobby is Full?

  • Game crashes.

  • Try and re-join on friend

  • Game lobby is full.

  • The pubbie leaves, I try again, game crashes because I clicked join

  • Try and restart and rejoin again.

  • Game Lobby Full.

AGHHHhhh It’s hair pulling frustrating. If the crashing bug can’t be fixed, can we at least change it to wait at least 60 seconds before finding a new player? I mean give me at least enough time to re-start the game…


and if you try to contact 2k for support, your Ticket goes into internet limbo… no response, no resolution, what an awful launch this game was


Well why would I contact support? It’s a problem with the game itself, support can’t really do much about that.

You can send it to them and it will get logged as an issue, that is about it.


here’s the latest quote from a Dev regarding The Patch:

Hey Everyone. I don’t really have any new news so there’s nothing to update, but it seems there’s a lot of restless folks. We are still aware of the issues and are still actively working on them, but again, no official ETA. It is unfortunate that it takes so long to fix things and saddening it has upset many people, but we can’t rush the process and I am not at liberty to explain it. I assure you though, the people working on fixing things are giving their best efforts in an unsung heroic fashion.

When we do have a fix, we will certainly announce it and that would be our next update on the issue, but until then there is only the wait or people with helpful work-arounds. This may not ease the unrest and it’s understandable if this has left a bad taste in your mouth, but we’re still going be here trying to make things better to the best of our ability.


you know, this game reminds of the x79 motherboard series. I had a EVGA x79 Classified. it turned out to be the worst board of all of the manufactures. since I bought mine on Ebay, I took it out and with full of anger, I chucked it across my shop!!!


I am not angry, just really sad and feeling very let down by TRS.

I just want to play a game I enjoy with my few friends that did buy the game, but I can’t do that.


yeah, I hear ya… I went out and bought a different board, MSI Big Bang XPower II…

so that means, you try a different game…dying light, I guess?


I didn’t much care for dying light.

"Please, go find this medicine, without it we will all die, our survival depends on you!"

“Well can I have one of those guns the guards have, or that one on the wall, or the one he has?”

"No! Here is a stick though..."

I also found it annoying there are ladders I couldn’t climb, but I could climb large metal rods that were too thick to realistically hold onto.

Oh, one of my favorites was when I found a “Blue” normal nut wrench that did like 3 times more damage than my “white” Crowbar, baseball bat, or huge lead pipe.

Also wail on people like 26 times on the ground with a metal pipe and they get back up, but get a perk and I can kick them and their heads explode.