Game keeps kicking me out of matches and giving me loss + time penalty!

So this is happening several times a day on Xbox one. Playing a match or booting up a match and BAM! Screen goes black, game restarts entirely (as if you had just put the disc in to play) and if you are in the character selection screen, middle of a match, or anything like that it gives you the losses and the time penalty which is utter and complete BS! It’s happened twice today alone (been playing since 1PM). Not sure why this happens, but it only happens in Evolve and no other games or apps, my internet connection is still up, and has been the whole time, yet I get penalized for it…TRS any word on this ridiculous bug?!
Note: I was not in a party of any kind…

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As a PC player… have you tried reinstalling? Cause that’s all we can do lol.

Try a hard reset (hold down the power button until your Xbox turns off).

Hope this helps. :smile:

It’s most definitely network related.

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I’m sorry…I have one vice in life and it’s video games, but I’ll admit I’m not the most tech savvy guy…what do you mean by “network related”?

It’s an internet problem.

It’s not because it’s starting to happen to everyone out of nowhere,before it wasn’t a issue.It’s a server bug or a bug from the last TU

These guys dont know what they are talking about. i play on xbox and i have been experiencing this bug since the game was released and just experienced it again about 5 mins ago for another loss. Nothing you can do will fix this issue, i dont know what it is, seems like something is fundementally wrong with the game and i have never ever heard or seen TRS address it. they work on so many bugs but seem to be ignoring the biggest one of them all, the dashbaord bug. just makes me think that they messed up in the development of the game and cannot fix this issue. most people on xbox get this bug…

I am playing on PC and yet it is happening, I was looking to make a rage thread about this but found this thread
What A BS
About to win a game and you kick me to main menu, give me a Defeat and -points + a penalty ?
I am so pissed since i started playing this game
OP wraith marathon simulator
then black screen after loading
DC during game ( happens only with this game) WOW no option to reconnect to your last game great
long queues
I thought after like a year the game would be playable
I am so near to quitting this broken game right now and I am just a bronze elite