Game Issues


I dont know if this is just me or what but ive been reset back to rank one and had my tier 3 hunter unlocks taken away twice today, also the mobile app isnt working to advance anything in game, i was just wondering if anyone else has been having these issues or if its just me, and as i type it happened again, knocked all the way back to tier 1 hunters, if this cant be fixed i will be returning the game, i cant stand putting time into this game and having it taken away for no reason


What I’ve heard is that this is a “common” issue at the moment. It also might be a problem with 2K servers so perhaps you should post this issue at the 2K forum as well.


Yeah known issue - check it here - Played all night on release- hopped on this afternoon, all progress has been lost and I’ve got it posted on 2Ks forums here:


I’ve played multiple games of hunt as the hunters where the monster reaches stage 3 and then ignores me for the remainder of the match until time expires. The CPU clearly needs to be patched so that the monster doesn’t get lost in wonderland…