Game Issues Thus Far


The gameplay for this game is wonderful. I love playing this game. Except, here are my issues.

  1. I can’t play what I want to play 100% of the time. I bought the game, this should be an option. Don’t agree, well fuck you. I can’t stand playing as monster or trapper and I shouldn’t be forced to play as them. If I want to experiment with playing a different class I will. I don’t know a single other online game that does this. I would not play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel if it occasionally forced me to play as fucking Claptrap, so why does EVOLVE?
  2. The party system is fucking broken. I go in with a 3 man party and what happens? One member is stuck playing a class they didn’t want to play, another member is the monster and the last member gets kicked. Happens all the time. Last match saw our trapper get kicked from the game before it started, the real kicker is that the trapper position was taken by a bot. That should never happen and is a fucking disgrace and show of poor development.
  3. The audio. The part audio sucks balls. Crackly and shit. So, we use party chat. Oh, wait, party chat means that with any less than 4 players you’re almost always going to not be able to hear other people. To put the cherry on the top, this game is even worse than most other games that I play when it comes to the player base owning and being willing to use a mic. Only 1 in 20 of the randoms that get shucked into our 3 man team are willing to speak to us when we dare use the shitty in game chat.
    I could forgive the greedy as fuck attitude of the devs if their games was working and playable, but it’s not. It’s broken and poorly designed and only the fanbois still want to stand up for the devs. Well, fuck you all. I am done with this game. It’s going back.


Not sure I want to read that. ^.-
Too much offensive language for my tastes. I mean, some is alright; but…


You gotta chill out, man.


I dun understand ;-;
Do you like it or do you not?!?
Either way, the class selection part (getting what you don’t want) will disappear with Ranked, the whole “teammates getting a class they don’t want” is remedied by swapping classes with someone else, really not hard, and the kicking…yeah, I’ve never seen that, sounds like you just have really sucky connection (or I’m just lucky, but I digress)


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