Game issues 2

I’m experiencing lag all throughout my game play but it seems to work just fine on main menu any help at all would be very helpful

Please check this topic first, try the first set of fixes (the basics) to start with and let us know.

Your internet connection. And whereabouts do you live?

I changed the title because the Unnecessary line.

ok thx
but I’m not very good at finding these problems and i live in southern KY

I do have a good connection

Does anyone have any iideas

Ok Wifi or Ethernet?

I will help you fix it :slight_smile:
no worries

I’m Enternet

is there some other places who experience my problems

ok now whats your provider for internet

and what speeds do you pay for?

And do you have any problems with any other games

So far, nobody has reported a lagging issue

my provider is wind stream i don’t deal with paying for speeds other people do that and i do have a lot of trouble attempting to play the DOOM demo

I don’t use a gaming pc could that have any effect

its odd it only lags when I’m playing the actual game not the loading screens or selecting things on main menu

This you can refer to. I believe if you are getting less than 20 mbs, it causes lag. A laptop can certainly cause it. A gaming PC or not should not effect lag

I don’t use laptops

Hello? Anyone there

OK well its not a need in my life i just thought it might be a common problem that was easy to fix but its fine there’s like a million other games on steam