Game Is Now Pay2Win


I’m going to start this post off by saying that I’m an ESL and DGL tournament player, and have been playing since the alpha. I love this game and most would call me a very dedicated player.

Now…you’re going to tell me that in order to keep up with the competitive scene I’m going to HAVE TO give you another $8 per hunter? $30 for a bunch of pixels on my screen? and that’s without the new monster, that’s just hunters! Are you joking??

When has league of legends charged for characters?? When has any big competitive game charged for anything that would be used in tournaments?? It’s borderline disgusting what 2K is doing and this is the proof we needed to see that 2K doesn’t give a shit about it’s customers who shelled out $60 for an “arena style” game with no campaign. They are milking this for all it’s worth and don’t care what shape the game is going to be in in a month or 2. And get this, they already have a NEW set of hunters ready, so in a couple months they’re going to milk the community again, just like a cow. A big fat stupid cow.

I know for a fact that turtle rock doesn’t what to charge for new hunters as I have talked with multiple developers. Turtle Rock is also smart enough to know that doing something so reckless would immediately kill the longevity of the game. What’s worse is that the scene already needed help as the balancing patches were delayed for almost a month. People have been flocking from the game like wildfire, the DGL and ESL tournaments are now a dead wasteland with teams disbanding left and right, and now this. The small competitive scene was the only thing this community had going for it and now you’re going to tell the games most dedicated players, “Oh, the time you’re put in promoting and contributing to the community doesn’t really matter, we want your money.”

It’s unreal and I’m not going mindlessly give in to their cash grab.


IF this is all you think of the new content, I’m not surprised u so mad

Also, how do ‘a bunch of pixels’ give you a competitive edge?


Just because you play the game doesn’t mean TRS doesn’t need money.

My grocery store doesn’t give me free cereal because I walk in their store every week.

Evolve doesn’t have an ad campaign, so just playing the game doesn’t give them money


I preordered the game at best buy for 60 plus tax which gave me the behemoth free.

Because I spent $60 at best buy they gave me a $10 credit for my next purchase which was the season pass.

Total spent for all DLC $15


Ohh joy, it’s more gamer entitlement.

Like EVERY fighting game from the last 6 years?


I don’t understand this at all.

You say TRS are EVIL for coming out with new content, but expecting money for it?

This is silly. Eeach character costs a lot to make, and if you expect them to be free, well, cya, nice knowing ya.

When has league of legends spent more than a few thousand TOPS on a single character?

The problem with comparing big game titles to Evolve is that big game titles have PLENTY of money to shell out cookie-cutter free characters. TRS is a relatively small company. Whereas Valve can make DotA completely free because they have TONS of revenue coming from things like Steam, TF2, etc.


a lot of people already said today “bye until next balance patch” :frowning:

i will not play monster against these hunters anymore is my decision.


Ya this is a great game with great new content. If you don’t want to spend the money for the new characters just don’t buy them! Your not at a disadvantage in the least bit.


Since its inception. Yes, they give trial periods, but if you want the character permanently, you have to purchase. Be it real cash or earned in game.


Free cereal? I payed $60 already sir.

Entitlement? I want to be competitive and not get my wallet milked every couple months, whats so ridiculous about that. we’re not all 14 year olds with rich mommies and daddies.


Besides, why does it matter if Tournament content costs money?

It’s not as if your honor or money is on the line in a tournament…


Yeah, You bought a couple prime ribs for 60$.

They aren’t gonna give you free cereal just cause you bought the ribs.

Understand now?


If your wallet is “milked” of just 30-40 dollars every COUPLE months…

You may want to reconsider your entertainment budget.

I am 17, bought the game myself. 80$ well spent.


king you need help with analogies. thats not whats going on here.



Yes it is?

You bought Evolve, a nice juicy steak.

Now the grocery store has brought in this new product. Looks tasty doesn’t it?

You want that new product for FREE. JUST because you bought a steak a while back.


Shit. Now I’m hungry


Nearly every fighting game in the last 6 years other than SF4 have been abject failures, SFxT most of all. Funny how that works.


Technically arent ALL games Pay2Win if they are free to play?

You have to buy the game in order to win in it O_o


I just want to point out that “flocking from the game like wildfire” is a very strange analogy.


dude its not a new product


Yes it is!

These are brand new characters.

One could argue that the monsters and hunters are Evolve’s content. Their product (also their maps and game modes but those are all free, THATS what really matters for tournaments).

These are fully fledged and designed pieces of this game.