Game is dead for one reason and one reason, only



That’s it. Neither myself nor any of my friends play this awesome game because of how expensive it is. It’s that simple. The publisher understands nothing of marketing or selling a game in 2016. Everything is priced at a premium, EVERYTHING…

Instead of picking one avenue of monetizing then pricing it competitively, they tried to capitalize at every opportunity with absurd price points.

It’s called a barrier to entry, and Evolve’s is arguably the highest that has ever existed in the video game industry. I mean that quite literally, the absolute highest. If the game were F2P, you would have seen countless people trying it out and seeing how much fun it can be. Instead, you introduced a full price game. So now we have a small number of people getting to try the game except, wait for it, in order to keep enjoying the new content, you have to pay hundreds of dollars.

I really feel for the devs of this game, they created something unique and fun, only to watch it die because no one can afford to play it.

I hope to come back to this game one day if it ever becomes free. In the meantime, I’ll be playing Overwatch.



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