Game Interface


For example, I played EvolveBeta on Xbox ONE, and me slightly annoying that the minimap disappears after each stage of the evolution of the monster. Just a few points, minimap disappears when play hunters. Constantly had to include. This is especially the case in bad time the midst of battle.

What would you like to change or add, and can remove of “Evolve” the gaming interface?


You mean the minimap?


Yes it is :slight_smile:


Thank U. I corrected the “map” the “minimap”. Sorry for my bad English.


The minimap only comes out when you press TAB or the controller button.Its not there to stay you manually open it or close it.Having a small minimap in-game wouldn’t be good because when a fight occurs the hunters could be split and you need all possible screen view you can get.The way Minimap works now is open and close it your self.

I think you mean to say when the Monster has eaten enough and the time to EVOLVE comes up the minimap dissapears?
If thats the case its not a big deal.The minimap will close for you to show you that its time to Evolve.Then you can reopen the minimap


Yes, that’s what I mean.) I agree with you that the mini-map should not be visible all the time. It must be manually enabled. But why is it switchoff, without my desire. If I need to, I can turn it off himself.


Mostly I play a monster and I need all the time to know where I am (on the edge of the map or in the center, where to run and hide in difficult moments). Transparent mini-map does not bother me, as if it was in a corner at the edge, it was, would be ideal.