Game Input Lag & Letency


I’ve been having a issue lately, even when not streaming, that my game interface will still lag. Making a input just to try and eat food. it never responds the first time, then the second time it will respond.

Recently when i decided to record game play, i had gotten this glitch where I had skipped across the map and animations did not kick in
Frame skip

Frame Skip

Then my next issue here was with Leap smash whether its OG or MG
Leap Smash Bugged

Leap Smash Bug

Whether streaming or not i still get the same bug issues. Hosting, or not same issue still occurs. I’m not sure how this had occurred. but it severely effects my game play, making situations where i would have an opportunity it makes it turn south. I.E Missing attacks even tho i am aimed directly at target or trying to escape, sneak etc.


I’m not seeing any gif’s or videos posted, also do you have any background applications running (even google chrome can cause issues)?


Sorry forgot to place hyperlink tags,
As for background Applications at the given time of video was IE(internet Explorer).

I experience these whether background apps or not.


Do you experience these issues only when streaming?


No, i even get these when not streaming at all.

The worst to date would be the after evolution lag, or while in ranked. During mid attacks, the animations get all screwed up and freeze in place. All i can do is take damage so i don’t get a penalty towards next round.

the part that bugs me the most is its always more apparent while i am monster. but as a hunter. i don’t get these.