Game Informer - The Reality of DLC


I’ve popped this in off-topic, as it’s not just about Evolve.

Game Informer have written an opinion piece on the necessity of DLC’s, both story and cosmetic. It’s an interesting read;

I have to say I mostly agree. I think people are under this strange compulsion to feel they MUST buy all DLC, but in reality it doesn’t effect the game or gameplay. If it’s subsidising the base cost of a game (a price almost unaltered in a decade), is it really so bad?

I think a large part of the problem is that many people don’t understand the enormous cost of development. Making a game is a significant and risky investment, and publishers are businesses, they need to justify that investment and see a return, or no more games!



Agreed. Gamers whine more than any group of people I’ve ever known.


You ever been to tumblr?

Back on topic, nice read. Someone will call evil corrupt journalist paid by 2K sooner or later anyways though.


I feel people think the following of Cosmetic DLC
“Well if it’s in the game for money than that means if they didn’t charge me for it than it would have just been an unlock!!”

They completely reject the possibility that it was an all or nothing deal. Just because they added it as DLC does not mean that if there wasn’t a price tag that it would be in the game anyway. Hell most of that stuff wouldn;t even be created if there wasn’t a way to monetize it and to me, that’s ok.


The *fing *****ds in the comments section are starting to piss me off.



It’s probably me getting cynical as I get older, but so many people seem to be increasingly illogical and unable to think things through. The general public are sadly very low in my expectations nowadays.

This isn’t just in gaming, but everything. I look and think… How? How can you think and say these things? What kind of mind can support those ill-informed thoughts?

Anyway… That’s why I only read comments for morbid curiosity.


That’s what the first comment was.


I don’t mind Evolve selling skins, I mean they offer no advantage whatsoever and they look cool. My only disappointment is that some (not all) of these skins could of been added to the base game as cosmetic unlocks to satisfy both sides. To be honest it’s kind of alienating for customers when they see all these DLC skins packs.


Out of morbid curiosity?

Sounds more like you have masochistic tendencies


I don’t mind buying a skin if I feel like it’s really cool, your here to make money and I get that. I love the monster skins but I do have a issue with the hunter skins. I bought the trapper bundle and I was a little disappointed only because it’s really not noticeable during gameplay at all unless you actually stare closely at a player weps. I do wish the skins altered the hunters uniform as well so it looks like a completely unique skin. Even a little color palate change would of been cool.

So because the hunter skins are so unnoticble I wouldn’t be buying any more unless it alters the hunters outfit as well… Just my two cents on the topic


I can kind of agree with that. I have 0 problem with cosmetic DLC skins, even at launch.

But I do think you’re right that maybe about half of them could have been implemented as unlockables, would have generated some good will.

Maybe they can still do that, give out some free skins. Generate some good will. With skins though, you don’t want it or don’t think it’s worth it and you won’t suffer at all. In fact, you’ll still get to see them on the monster you’re fighting sometimes!


you even get more than one skin without dlc